Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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  1. thanks, david. as always you keep watch as Jesus said to. and very well i must add.....

    1. Great to hear from you Andre'. Thanks for your kind words. Though I do not live like a watch man should live sometimes. Blessings to you Andre'.

  2. I think we are in the bowl judgements already.

    Bowl #1 - Mark of the beast in Roman times and now - > will continue to get more literal until implants/money/crypto post nuclear war

    Bowl #2 - Entire world has apostatized and ruled over by whore of babylon (NYC)

    Bowl #3 - Springs of waters have turned to blood, meaning that all new knowledge is fundamentally dead, no way for anyone to find truth now [WE ARE HERE]

    Bowl #4 - Sun gets super bright and blinds everyone - this is next - this is likely the Jewish people converting en masse to Christianity - watch for a "Jewish Ordinary" of Catholicism or Orthodoxy. The will do so suddenly after they are protected in a divine way in a major regional war, probably when Turkey invades first Syria and then Israel in the next few years. Jews returning as the "natural branch" will be too much truth for everyone to handle.

    Bowl #5 - Darkness in Beast Kingdom - massive attacks and misery in Brussels following Jewish conversion to Christianity.

    Bowl #6 - Euphrates dries up and kings of the East. The war that converts the Jews also causes massive instability to global energy supplies. China and other kings of the East completely depend on these energy resources and they make their way to fight.

    Bowl #7 - War in Middle east escalates, US Eastern Seaboard is nuked, whore of Babylon is dead. The anti-Christ convinces everyone not to fight each other but the Christians and newly Christianized Jews. Full literal interpretation of mark is here. Jesus comes back, destroys assembled armies.

  3. Anon again here,

    I also think the 2nd beast is largely manifest.

    I propose with some degree of certainty that the second beast is the modern Corporate system backed up with Reaper drones. The Whore of Babylon is the leader of this second beast, that is, the Eastern Seaboard of the US. Revelation 17 suggests that the first beast will have its power *last*, not first, meaning that one has to read Revelation backwards to get the actual timeline.

  4. *Read Revelations 13 backwards.

  5. A few more thoughts....and though David might have a different view with my comments, I fully agree with the above powerpoint.

    1-4th Trumpets - (1)[80% certainty] 70AD fall of Jerusalem , (2)[85% certainty] Fall of Western Rome in ~476, (3)[50% certainty] Introduction of Courtly Love in 12th century leading to poisoning of Christian doctrine, (4)[75% certainty] probably fall of Constantinople leading to Renaissance, reintroduction of paganism to Western Europe and split of Church.

    5th Trumpet - 1650-1800 Bad parts of the Enlightenment, also 1st woe. Grass not being burned here means that power structure had moved to a secular system, largely leaving religion alone during this time - until the very end at the French Revolution.

    6th Trumpet - 1914-1945(8), also 2nd woe, and also includes the first 5 seals, specifically the Holocaust. See Emmett O'regan for more details on the 5 seals and Holocaust thesis. The Holocaust actually lasts 3.5 years, from January 1942 at Wannsee conference to end of war. After Holocaust is over for "3 days," or 3 years, the Jews are resurrected in their own lands, fulfilling Revelation 11. This suggest 6th Trumpet or 2nd woe ends 1948.

    Emmett O'Regan argues that the 6th seal has also been opened, specifically with 9/11. I don't fully understand his reasoning, but post 1991 the US became the global hegemony with the fall of the USSR and US demonstration on the Iraqi battlefield its unparalleled strength.

    So all that is left: 7th Seal, 7th Trumpet, Bowls 4-7. Bowl 7 is likely the third woe, that is the destruction of Babylon or the Eastern Seaboard of the US in one hour.

    The 2nd beast is the American led but worldwide global commercial system backed up by the US military. Most of Christianity already completely supports it. The Beast out of the sea is what you are writing about.This is almost the final thing to happen, once it forms it will "destroy the harlot" in one hour.

    The point is from an historicist point of view, your work is also valid. That is, from certain Catholic and Orthodox views your work is compatible. Surprisingly, these views suggest an *even shorter* time frame as the Seal Judgments, the Trumpet judgments, and several of the Bowl judgments are *already completed* meaning that people looking for weird locusts will have missed the boat.

    1. Interesting thoughts Anonymous! Welcome to the site. So great to hear from you.

      I am in general agreement with you that NYC/US is the best candidate for the whore of Babylon, especially in the end times when many US christians will likely apostatize, since many are nominal Christians. Interestingly, hatred of the United States and its president is driving EU military integration, just like it says in Revelation 17:12-18, where the ten horns hate the prostitute and give their kingdom to the beast, so that they can attack the prostitute. All very interesting.

      It is very interesting to hear a historicist point of view. I do favor the literal future interpretation, based on the similar language used in the Old Testament about end time judgments. Is the view you are putting forward widely held by other historicists?

      Great to hear from you anonymous! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.

      Blessings to you in Christ

    2. Catholics before the Reformation and Seventh Day Adventists after the mid-19th century tended to be the biggest followers of a historicist approach to interpreting Revelation. After the Reformation the Catholic Church itself became the target of many reformers as a possible beast or anti-Christ figure, so modern Catholicism moved away from any of this historicist interpretation.

      The Seventh Day Adventist Christians arose in the mid-19th century at the very height of British power. It is interesting to look back and to see that these Christians themselves saw a one world government for the first time since the Roman government, and plausibly calculated that they were in the end times. Yes, they got the Catholic stuff wrong, and other stuff wrong too, as we now see that the UK faded.

      Still, The Seventh Day Adventists identified a few of the early events as Seal or Trumpet judgements, such as the fall of Israel in 70 AD or the fall of Rome in 476 AD.

      Modifying the Seventh Day Adventist view of Britain slightly, one realizes that Great Britain, Russia or the USSR, the USA, and the final Beast empire fit Daniel's prophecy of the four beasts rising out of the sea. Daniel mentions the "four winds" start to blow - perhaps again linking to the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and the start of global sailing to go around Turkish controlled trade routes - and then the lion beast rises. This is the UK, fully in charge of the world by 1815 - 1914. Next comes Russia or the USSR from 1917 - 1945, and Russia stops Hitler but goes no further when they easily could have conquered the entirety of Europe. Did Stalin realize his place in eschatology? He might have, as he was a seminarian before he became a tyrant. The US or Leopard beast controlled the world from 1945 to 1991, with its promise of democracy but the reality of military conquest - the spots. Instead of Grand Ships of the Line as the United Kingdom had to cover the globe the US used rockets and military aircraft - four wings that were smaller and less majestic than the two Eagle Wings of her mother country.

      Perhaps after the first gulf war, the US switched from being the third beast out of the sea to the second beast out of the land. Now the US was a hyper power, and an absolute ruler with two horns, economic and military.


    - that number is still tracking mr solana

    1. That number never seems to escape him! Very strange. I cannot wait until the day he ascends to power again. Then once again, we will have proof that Jesus Christ is coming soon!

  7. Hi David, Andrea and all, is 5/5/18 and here comes Macron w/ the weu's 10 nation army! wow, what do you make of it?, in light of all thats taking place as Israels 70 yr anniversary approaches...???....666?!!! this is tony in vt. Shalom

    1. Pretty exciting stuff isn't it Tony!! Praise the Lord, Jesus is coming soon. I blogged about some developments in this area just this past couple days. Hopefully God will show us the truth for sure this summer or fall.

  8. This is really amazing work...I am referring to the updated slide show.

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