Egypt, Isaiah 19, and the Antichrist
This article speculates how relatively recent upheaval in Egypt could possibly relate to what the Bible predicts the Antichrist will do to Egypt in the end times. It also describe its final result at the Second Coming of Christ.
Why Every Christian Should Care About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
This article describes how the division between "East" and "West" Jerusalem, as well as the Israeli "illegal" occupation of the West Bank all strongly fit in to an end time scenario. EU officials repeatedly condemn the "illegal" settlements in Judea and Samaria. This make Jesus' warning to Judeans to flee to the mountains in the end times all the more interesting. 
Q&A About the Antichrist's 7 Year Treaty
This article explains some of the theology behind the Antichrist's 7 year treaty with Israel. It explores the likely possibility that the covenant guarantees Israel's security in some way. Finally, it goes into detail on possible meanings of the Hebrew text, on whether it is a new covenant or the confirmation of an existing one. All of this is in preparation for "Part 2" below.
Part 2: Consolidating Power and the EU's 7 Year Treaty 
This article describes how the EU's 7 year European Neighborhood Policy is up for review, and its implications for prophecy. The EU's leadership are pondering how to include a security dimension to the ENP. This article also details how the European Union High Representative is increasingly intending to gain more power over the security and defense arenas, especially when it comes to stabilizing neighboring countries.
Just Who Does He Think He Is?
This article describes a possible "self-understanding" or "self-concept" that Javier Solana has in relation to the European Union. It notes the nostalgic and reminiscent way in which the 2015 Solana Task Force was set up. This Task Force was structured in  a strongly similar way as to the late 1980's committee on EMU (eurozone). The strong similarities between the two committees, and some of Solana's statements point to the notion that he believes himself to be one of the future founding fathers of the European Union. In the same way Jacques Delors was the founding father of the Euro, Solana wants to be a founding father to the new defence pillar of the EU.
666: EU Defence Ministers Meeting & Solana's Article
This analyzes the 2015 informal EU defence ministers meeting. It notes the very strong and uncanny similarities between their council conclusions and Javier Solana's report "More Union in European Defence" which outlines a stronger role for the EU in the area of defence and military.
Recommendation 666 Turns 15: What Really Happened?
This analyzes the infamous "Recommendation 666" which granted emergency powers to the then EU High Representative Javier Solana. It describes at length the past, present and future implications of European defence integration as it relates to prophecy. It particularly deals with the former ten-nation "Western European Union" alliance, and the role it played in the EU's military command structure.
EU Army Rising & Solana's Role to Play
This article describes the further momentum towards a "European Defence Union." It describes Solana's likely influence over the process and his potential future role to play.
Solana 666 Connections
This documents the numerous connections Javier Solana has to the number 666. Although these do not represent the core of the theory, they are "icing on the cake", likely representing a breadcrumb trail from God to keep us on the right track. 
"The Antichrist and His Ten Kings" Powerpoint Presentation
This is the Powerpoint presentation describing some of the evidence that Javier Solana may be the Antichrist. The information in this powerpoint can be found in more detail on the overview page.
"The EU's 7-Year Relationship to Israel" Powerpoint Presentation 
This Powerpoint presentation describes the EU's seven year contract with Israel under the auspices of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). It describes the origins of this program, its possible future, as well as its connection to Javier Solana.
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