Overview (powerpoints)

These powerpoints represent the general overview of the prophecy theory that I and others follow.They may be updated frequently since some of the events described within represent current events.  

Part 1


  1. Great site. I just discovered it yesterday when looking for information on the Holy Roman Empire being revived and Bible prophecy. To be specific, your January 2015 post "New ENP Theory Infographic" is what intrigued me. I'm quite aware of what's going on and how it's been shaping up for years now so naturally it was good to find someone else on the same page as I.

    I also wanted to suggest my website that covers the same topic as you, plus a little bit more:

    The Holy Roman Empire
    The Fourth Reich
    EU Army
    The United States of Europe

    My site doesn't go as deep into the prophecy part as you do, but it does great in covering the current events through geopolitics. It's a geopolitical news aggregate tying events into Biblical prophecy from time to time. I thought I'd suggest it for you and your readership in case anyone would like more information and more frequent on the situation not only in Europe, but the world.

    Readers and you can find my site, Global Geopolitics, though the following link:


    Again, great website. Cheers.

    - aurelius77

  2. What if he is one of the two who empower the beast to make fire come from the sky? The beast still coming, I always saw him as some religious figure claiming to work miracles and have all the answers for this new gov't. Some say revelations already occurred but if it has not, he could be just one or the two false prophets. The others being the military officer who would head along side him. Also, check out the Roman Empire as a complex cultural transformation, not as a fall. In that case it still exists today.