Monday, July 9, 2012

Core Values

At EU Prophecy News, we believe that Christ called us to watch for his coming.

However, in light of this we have core values that govern how we observe prophecy in current events:

1) An emphasis on watchfulness instead of absolute certitude of specific prophetic events occurring. 

2) Using established theological precedent instead of speculation about the meaning of prophecies. 

3) An emphasis on the European Union as the Revived Roman Empire. 

4) A general historical solidarity with the "ENPI" movement. This includes an emphasis on the Western European Union as the ten kings of prophecy and the cyclical, 7-year, European Neighborhood Policy as the mechanism by which the Antichrist creates his 7-year deal with Israel and its neighbors.

5) Reliable news sources and EU government information instead of conspiracy theories.

6) To be open to prophetic fulfillments which are in accordance with Scripture and theological precedent, but nonetheless occur in unexpected ways which challenge conventional notions about prophecy.

7) Christ at the center of our very lives and doctrinal integrity with respect to him and the gospel.

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