Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Lotta interesting stuff been happening but I have been slacking off on posting.

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  1. Greetings:
    I have just discovered your blog.,7340,L-4317919,00.html

    "Alfred Nobel said that the prize should be given to those who worked for disarmament," said Elsa-Britt Enger, 70, a representative of Grandmothers for Peace. "The EU doesn't do that. It is one of the biggest weapons producers in the world.

    Comment by Adamantine:
    Does the EU continue to fulfill our cloudy perceptions that sometimes reading prophecy we think we are hearing about an individual and other times about a political power?

  2. Comment by Adamantine:

    Current Positions after retirement from EU
    1) President for Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre) Geneva Switzerland. 2010
    2) Chairman of the Commission for the Future of Spanish Security. 2010
    3) President of the Aspen Institute, Madrid Spain 2010
    4) President of the Uria Foundation 2010
    5) President of the Barcelona Center of International Affairs 2010
    6) President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics 2010
    7) President of Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation 2010
    8) Co president of the SDA ( Security and Defense Agenda)
    9) Vice President of the Global Commission on Drug Policy 2010
    10) Acciona Corporation Adviser for International Affairs 2010
    11) Council Member of the Global Health Institute 2010
    12) Distinguished Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brooking Institute 2010
    13) Senior Visiting Professor of Economics London School of Economics 2010
    14) Member of the Spanish Group of the Trilateral Commission 2010
    15) Board member of the Le Craixa Foundation 2010
    16) Member of the EU Future of Europe Panel 2010
    17) Member of the Senior Panel on the future of NATO 2010
    18) Council of Europe European Eminent Persons Council to report of religious and ethnic tolerance in Europe 2010
    19) Bilderberger Club 2010
    20) Patron member of the Royal Board of the Museo National del Prado 2010
    21) Professor of Economics Georgetown University 2010
    22) Founding Signatory Global One for Global Nuclear Disarmament 2008
    23) Founding Signatory Global call to end to Female Genital mutilation, 11/ 16/ 2010
    24) Joined call for Global TUNA Safe Fishing 2010
    25) Joined as Board member of the Yalta European Strategy September 2, 2010
    26) Member Club of Rome
    27) Member of the International Crisis Group
    28) Member International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
    29) Board Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations
    30) Member Global Leadership Foundation
    31) Human Rights Watch, Board of Directors 2011
    32) Harvard Kennedy School Fischer Family Fellowship 2012
    33) Adviser Indra Corporation Spanish Defense Corporation 2012
    34) Spanish Advisory Committee of Past Foreign Ministers 2012
    35) Global Policy Journal, Practitioner's Advisory Board
    36) The Hakluyt International Advisory Board
    37) Columnist, New York Times
    38) Tsinghua University China, Advisory Board. 7/2012
    39) Representative of the European Parliament, during his recent visit to Iran, reported November 15, 2012 Jerusalem Post

  3. Comment by Adamantine:

    Awards for Javier Solana while Retired
    Awards for 2010, 2011, 2012
    1) Manuel Broseta Coexistence Prize 2010
    2) Charles the V Award European Academy of Yuste 2010
    3) Pilates Foundation Award in Politics 2010
    4) Order of the Golden Fleece Spain 2010
    5) Order of the Golden Fleece Georgia 2010
    6) International Press Club Award, Building a Better Europe 2010
    7) Evald Von Kleist European Security Award Munich Security Conference 2010
    8.) Prince Henry the Navigator Award Portugal 2010
    9) Grand Cross of the Order of Christ Portugal 2010
    10) European Security and Defense College honorary fellowships to Javier Solana and to Karl von Wogau, 7 September 2010
    11) Jean Monnet Award October 7, 2011
    12) Honorary Doctorate University of London
    13) Honorary Doctorate Central European University
    14) Nunn-Lugar International Global Science and Security Engagement Award. 2010
    15) The Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities Medal of Honor to the politician and diplomat Javier Solana. 3/26/2012
    16) Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association Foreign Policy Award June 14, 2012
    17) December 5, 2012 the politician Javier Solana has been awarded the Premi Atlántida (Atlantis) 2012, award given by d'Editors Guild of Catalonia, contributing to the promotion of reading and the world of books, as well as the commitment to the "defense of the value of culture and intellectual property,"
    18) "Knight of Freedom" is awarded by the Foundation Casimir Pulaski, date uncertain.

  4. Comment by Adamantine
    Presentations By Javier Solana in 2010, 2011, 2012
    1)” Think Globally and Act Globally” Title Executive Global Masters Course May 2010
    2) “Global Outlook on New Challenges” Title Esade Annual Alumni Conference April 2010
    3)” The EU as a Global Actor” Title Wroclau Global Forum October 2010
    4)” New Global Order and Its Key Players” Title Yalta 7th Annual Meeting October 2010
    5)” Global Business Challenges” Title Gresol Foundation September 2010
    6)” Spanish Security Strategy,(ESS), Economics, Energy, Industrial and Cyber security,” Title, Elcano Royal institute June 28, 2010
    7) Introduction of Mikhail Gorbachev at 6th International Conference of the Sustainable City October 5, 6, 7, 2010
    8.) “Security and World Politics”, Barcelona Center for international Affairs July 10, 2010
    9) Munich Conference on Cooperation and Security in Europe, Presentation Munich Young Leaders Round Table on Security Policy. February 2012
    In closing the seminar, (the speaker in question) made a public acknowledgment to the work done in recent years by the Spanish army that has adapted quickly and effectively to new international duties. He noted that in today’s world is a need for rapid deployment capabilities and, in this sense, Spain can make to the international community the value added by the Civil Guard, a militarized police force with similarities to the Italian Carabinieri and French Gendarmerie. It was stressed that nothing is gained by killing without being able to do otherwise. But, yes, not everything is soft, there must be something hard.
    Conferences and Consultations in 2010, 2011, 2012
    1) Attended ASEAN (ARF) Asian regional Forum 2010
    2) Attended Global Leadership Forum Nov, 5, 6, 7, 2010 Amman, Jordan
    3) Attended United Nations Secretary General Retreat Alpbatch September 5, 6, 2010
    Future of UN and Global Governance
    4) Attended US State Department Conference Discussion on Middle East Peace Negations Upcoming August 2010, New York State
    5) Member and Conferee of Socialist Parties of Europe Meeting on the Future of Peace in the Middle East. London, England November 2010
    6) Conferee and Attendance at 9th Annual Conference of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) October 2010
    7 Attendance and Award ceremony of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Council October 7, 2010
    8.) Attendee and Award recipient at the Munich Conference on Security Policy Feb 5, 2010
    9) Visited Ukraine traveling with Strobe Talbot at the invitation of the Victor Pinchuk Organization March 30, 2010
    11) Traveled with Spanish Presidency of the EU and Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos to Middle East in discussion of Middle East Process 2010
    12) Conference the State of the (EU) Union 2012 (Florence 9-10 May 2012) Future of the EU
    13) The European Foreign Policy Scorecard, 2012 is one of the reports of the European Council on Foreign Relations
    14) Panel discussion on the Future of NATO Harvard University April 2012
    15) Second European Energy Conference, Plenary speaker to discuss the Future of European Energy April 2012
    16) London Book Fair April 2012
    17) XXIV International Seminar on Security and Defence , Toledo,Spain, June 19-20
    18) Forum for World Peace, Peijing, China, July 7-8, 2012, Themed "Win-Win for All: Peace, Security, Cooperation" and organized by Tsinghua University. It is the first non-governmental high-level forum on international security held in China.

  5. Adamantine (is that you anonymous?)

    I am really sorry I just realized you put comments here. I really need to update this blog because I definitely have a few posts I can make.

    You are quite the researcher as always Dr. Adamantine!!!
    Javier Solana has quite the immense list of achievements. He must not sleep. But alas, some men can be quite productive, more so than I'll ever be.

    He remains a very intriguing man. If he were to suddenly return to the stage, I would be highly suspect. I would probably pay a lot of money to have lunch with the man.

    I am watching mysterious EU trends. Barrosso himself wanted "Federation" by 2014, along with their banking supervisor, whom they wish will have veto power. Meanwhile they continue to imperialize Greece and install their own leadership in Italy, while quietly burying their political tentacles across Europe. As cumbersome and disastrous as they seem to the rest of the world (especially the financial world!) they will become a ravenous monster.

    And of course, their next round of 7 years begins in 2014.

    Good to hear from you Adamantine (if that's you in the last comment, forgive me if its not).

  6. Hi

    Glad to see you are following still. I understand that another seven year treaty could always arise with the seven year budget process of the EU. ( I noticed this about 1994 or so and it is one reason I found Herb Peter's observations so compelling.) I hope that is not boasting. In any case boasting is fruitless because at present we have information which is no longer very suitable for public consumption. I feel there is little that can be done but watch.
    I find it a little disappointing that FP and USP seem so quiet. They are posting something about once a month and not even really on prophecy. I am not at either site because I refuse to cooperate with any censorship. If you do not mind I will post here when I feel the absolute need to share something.

    Right now I would point out that Hagal up for the Secretary of Defense is currently a professor at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, the chairman of the Atlantic Council. I discovered him running among the players with JS. He is proof of the ever stronger web being woven between the US and Europe.
    The top US University connection of Europe is Georgetown University and the most important think tank is the Brooking Institute.

  7. Do you plan on keeping this site active?

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  10. Adamatine: H
    i : JS remains hidden and the theory of Herb Prters so moribund that Holly now seems to faithfully disavow it.. I think her respnce is appropriate for her.Someone must watch until the end of this year and I appreciate your doing so.

  11. Eschologizer, My name is John and I'm from Tennessee, US. I ran across your blog about the rebuilding of the temple and wanted to share something with you. I just read an article from an Israeli tv website.
    Israel has given the pope his own seat at the Cenacle in Jerusalem. After a little research I discovered the Cenacle is connected to a Catholic monastary (but it use to be a Jewish Temple). I'm sure you know the Cenacle is the supposed site of the Last Supper, washing of the saints feet, descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost as well as many other events. Is it possible that 2Thes 2:4 could be referring to a site of a past temple? I do not believe that a new temple will be built so I'm researching other possibilities. You can contact me at

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  13. Sorry I am here I just have been busy with a lot of things.

    Anonymous: I am really sorry I haven't posted in a while.

    This week I am going to research some EU stuff since spring break is almost here from me.

    I am sorry i have been silent so long. I have been letting this blog slide when I really should be posting.

    And John from Tennessee that sounds very interesting. I will take a closer look at the article you sent me. Thanks for messaging me. The temple stuff has always interested me and i have been open to many possibilities.

    Indeed, it seems in prophecy might have been slowing down a bit, but I'm not sure. EU has next 7 year program start in 2014, but other than that things seem really quiet. Obama is working on two state solution, which may in some way be related as well.

    Adamantine those things are very interesting. Herb's observations were quite compelling so it was somewhat sad that things did not turn out. In fact it was very sad as you know.

    You spoke of a web between Europe and US, I am wondering if EU - US free trade will tighten the web when they make a deal.

    What other things have you guys been following?

  14. Thanks for the comment. No need to keep the site super active just need to know the site is visited by the owner.
    Herbs theory still intellectually holds if one allows for events to occur in this last year. Emotionally it is no longer compelling.
    Hence a dilemma about ways of thinking.Does faith side with what one thinks or believes? I think Herb theory holds and would convict God in trial of setting the stage and yet emotionally I would argue it has failed and say Gods attorney will pull a rabbit out of the hat and prove God innocent.I do not see the rabbit and do not know the trick so I wait. Am I wasting valuable time in simply watching? I must settle for the lesser charge and say God is a trickster? Or is Satan the one who should be on trial instead?

  15. Prophecy is at times slow moving and I am preoccupied with things, but I was finally able to make a post.

    I agree Herb's theory is not even remotely compelling as it once was. I have regressed from certainty in a particular theory to more of a general confidence in a framework (EU, 7 years etc) framework. I think there is wisdom and faithfulness in your choice to remain watchful despite our discouragement. I didn't do prophecy stuff for a while, because the original theory didn't work out. But I'm glad to see you are hanging in there. I occasionally read prophecy stuff now and have a rekindled interest in it.

    I hope God comes out and vindicates himself in a great way, making him seem in the right all along, and not seem as a deceiver. We know God is not a deceiver, but as you said it would be relieving for us to see him show us how he is not.

    I am not sure what to make of it all. But it all remains very interesting so i tend to keep an eye on eu developments even if its not as much as i used to.

  16. keep an eye on solana. i feel he fills that role better than any and all other possibles. if he is not the actual anti-christ, still watch what he promotes, because he has, more than anyone, paved the way for the very person who will take that spot in prophecy.