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Proof the EU is a Real Empire: Cyprus

Protesters in Cyprus Burn an EU Flag

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. But I'm back. 

Here is proof that the EU is becoming a real empire: Cyprus

Legalized Bank Robbery

They've really done it this time. 

To fund a bailout, European leaders blackmailed Cyprus. They said either you fund part of the bailout yourself, or you get kicked out of the eurozone (which would mean extreme economic pain in the short run.) 

In a really scrambled late night meeting, EU leaders convinced Cyprus to agree to suddenly steal a certain percentage of money from everyone's bank account....all overnight. Regular people woke up to find 6% of their savings gone. Some wealthier individuals found 10% and some even 60% completely gone.

...and there was nothing they could do about it. 

This is how evil it has become. Economists on both sides, very Republican and very Democrat, condemned the euro as doomed to failure. Now, unelected bureaucrats who designed this awful euro system have resorted to bank robbery to keep it going. 

Public opinion is becoming increasingly sour against the EU. There is a large debate in the UK on whether or not to leave the EU. Anti-EU protests are on the rise in Mediterranean countries.... 

But somehow, even though large parts of the population hates the EU....their monstrous political machine continues to get more powerful. 

I guarantee you that everyone in Cyprus hates the EU. In protests, they burn EU flags in recent days. But for some reason....the EU continues to subjugate them. That is...a handful of unelected leaders rule over them.

...definitely not a democracy....more like an empire....

The Definition of an Empire

Here is the definition of an empire. Basically, its a government that rules over a large geographic region of ethnically diverse peoples. Furthermore, the government has to be either an emperor, a monarchy, or an oligarchy. Basically, being an empire involves the subjugation of many other nations by a ruler or a handful of rulers.

The EU is starting to meet these criteria as of the past 2 years. 

It is widely recognized that the EU has a "democratic deficit."The most powerful positions in the EU are usually appointed, not elected by the people. There is a hodgepodge of upper level officials. There is the EU President, the EU Commissioner, the EU Foreign Affairs Representative and so forth. None of these most powerful positions has been elected. 

This establishes the EU as an oligarchy. 

Now for the subjugation part....

The people in Cyprus obviously did not choose to take money out of their own bank accounts. Furthermore, the "Troika" of EU leaders basically blackmailed the Cyprus government into making this deal. Either you do what we command to fund the bailout, or you get kicked out of the EU.

Blackmailing People into Undemocratic Federalism 

The "bailouts" that keep happening in the EU are very similar to what happen in the United States...except in Europe there is a lot more kicking and screaming. The US federal government takes your tax money and gives it to states that are struggling. People occasionally whine about this, but most people don't even know it. This is why all the States follow the federal guidelines on traffic laws, education, and all sorts of other things. The states obey because they don't want to lose the money. 

This is somewhat OK because we are supposed to have a federation in the United States. We elect the President and the Congress that make all of these rules for the states. Furthermore, the states agreed to be part of this federalist system. 

Not so in Europe. 

In Europe, everyone has the Euro. Since the euro was doomed from the start, it inevitably starts causing dire financial problems in certain countries. Once they start hurting, they ask the EU for money to bail them out. The EU usually says yes, but only after making a series of ridiculous demands....and more recently, threatening to kick you out of the euro if you don't take the bailout. 

And this is a very serious dilemma. If you get kicked out of the euro, there is very extreme short term economic pain. 

Some of these ridiculous demands include taking money from people's savings accounts, and very strict austerity measures.

Imagine if the US threatened to kick the state of Alabama out of the US if it didn't take federal money...
Imagine if they would only give the state of Alabama aid if they robbed everyone's bank account in Alabama.

How ridiculous...

This is a very coercive and involuntary federalist system, where the federation itself is run by people your country didn't choose. 

The countries that request the bailouts will experience very extreme short term economic pain if they don't accept them. If they do accept them, they have to basically follow the ridiculous demands that the eurocrats make to them (such as robbing people's bank accounts). To make it even worse the people didn't even elect the "federal" officials who are now making all of these demands. 

Only A Matter of Time

It's been long feared that Spain and Italy will need an EU bailout. Fears for Spain got really bad last summer. The EU can't actually pay to bail them out. So they will probably offer some aid in exchange for more bank robbery. Ultimately, the EU is going to spiral into a dictatorship, once everyone is blackmailed into federalism...a federalism where the rulers are unelected.... 

Cyprus is only one example of how the EU is turning into an empire. The list of its undemocratic sins is very long.... 

Here are some more examples.
  1. Greece was also bailed out with very strict conditions. 
  2. The treaty establishing the new European union (Lisbon Treaty) was struck down by popular vote in Ireland. Nevertheless, Brussels had them vote again, because they didn't give the correct answer. 
  3. When Italy's finances were struggling, the EU installed their own prime minister for Italy. They still went through the process, but the EU basically chose him. The prime minister has said on different occasions how democracy gets in the way of things. 
  4. The EU makes 50% of the laws in Britain, and controls the borders to the EU. 

Of course, all of this is evidence that the EU is becoming the revived Roman empire predicted in the Bible (Daniel 7). Many prophecy scholars (and some movies) have anticipated the rise of Europe. Friends, they imagined what would be like. Well, we are living it. We are seeing Europe turn into an empire with our own eyes. 

...A Europe mind you, that used to have a 10 nation military alliance, and has a habit of making 7 year financial deals with Israel.....


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