Monday, July 29, 2013

7-Year European Neighborhood Negotiations Almost Complete

European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy, Štefan Füle, issued this press release on the ENP a few days ago: 

  • Important Quotes from the Document
     "the ENP is a prime example of the European Union's comprehensive approach to foreign policy - using all instruments in a coherent way under the umbrella of the ENP – from Common Foreign and Security Policy, to political cooperation, trade policy, and also sector policies such as transport and energy."
    "Negotiations for the 2014-2020 European Neighbourhood Instrument regulation are nearing conclusion, and here I want to underline the importance of ensuring sufficient flexibility in the implementation of our financial instrument in the future so that we can react to unpredictable developments in the region. It is also important that both the European Parliament and the Member States finalise negotiations swiftly so that there is no interruption in our financial assistance to partners in 2014."
    "I am also pleased that funding for the ENP was confirmed at the current levels for the next European Union Multiannual Financial Framework, despite the overall decrease of the European Union budget."
    "At the regional level, the Arab-Israeli conflict remains unsolved and also prevents full regional cooperation in the South Mediterranean. We hope that following last Friday's announcement of a return to direct peace talks, we may finally see progress in negotiations between Israel and Palestine."
    Click here to read the document 


     Recall that the EU used the ENP framework to implement its new settlement funding ban on the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Recall this statement from an EU diplomat:
    "This is important in view of the new opportunities that will be offered to Israel (as an ENP [European Neighborhood Policy] partner) for participation in EU programmes and other funding instruments in the 2014-2020 financial framework,"
    Also recall that the EU threatens to impose more measures against Israel if peace talks fail.  

    Meanwhile, the Council of the European Union Foreign Ministers would like to make a "constructive contribution" to the peace talks. German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, also hoped for a "historical breakthrough." They are supposed to speak to John Kerry TODAY.*

    Keep in mind that with all this EU-Israel 7 year agreement stuff, peace talks are now beginning tonight.

    Perhaps the Europeans will enforce a peace arrangement against Israel, based on the ENP?

    Just speculation. Only God knows for sure how close we are.

    But keep looking up.

    Footnote: *I am not sure if the Wall Street Journal (or myself) are mixed up on this point, because some sources indicate the conference already happened last Monday.

    Top of Google News!

    Top of Google News! it s story about a royal baby? it George Zimmerman? ...Is it a New York mayor scandal?


    For once, it's actually something prophetically significant. Not a story about some celebrity.

    Commentator's are pretty pessimistic about the peace arrangements. However, the EU has earned itself a a very new reputation of trying to economically sanction the peace process. They have threatened more sanctions if peace talks fail. They promise more money if they succeed....

    Maybe the EU will force the peace process...using the 7-year ENP framework? We are only months away from the start of the second 7 year financial agreement with Israel and many nations. Maybe this cycle has something in store for us...

    We shall see!

    May God return soon.

    Friday, July 26, 2013

    Thoughts on the Antichrist's 7-Year Treaty

    More speculation here.... Beware.

    This post might be controversial. But I assure you, I welcome debate, so feel free to challenge what I say here.

    Prophecy...Like the World Has Never Seen!

    The Antichrist will arise out of a European empire composed of ten kings. He will subdue three of these kings in his rise to power. Ultimately, he will confirm a covenant with Israel for 7 years. Halfway into his seven year treaty with Israel, he will claim to be God in the temple in Jerusalem. This moment where he sets himself up as if he is God, is itself, the final and most important sign of Christ's return. (More on why I believe this HERE).

    As we know, the 10-nation military alliance in Europe gave up their alliance in favor of the larger EU. Furthermore, the EU, under Javier Solana, made a deal with Israel for 7 years. (MORE ON THIS HERE)

    Since a 7 year treaty between a European leader and Israel has been widely anticipated by was a pretty big deal. This was the first 7 year treaty with Israel in history! And it came on the heels of a ten nation alliance in Europe as well. Surely, this was too unlikely to be completely meaningless.

    The 10 nation alliance may have consolidated their alliance, with possible prophetic implications. But the 7-year deal with Israel came and went. The Hebrew is clear that the Antichrist will bring an end to sacrifice and offering in the middle of the seven (the word for middle is usually translated "half" in other verses). Furthermore, Daniel 9:24 makes clear that Jesus must be King of the world and an end to sin in Israel by the termination of this period of 7.

    Sadly the ENPI came and was very discouraging.

    MORE 7 Year Treaties

    The EU now makes 7 year covenants with Israel on a cyclical basis. The first was in 2007-2013, called the ENPI. Therefore, we are coming up on another one in 2014-2020, called the ENI. This treaty is the means by which the EU provides bilateral aid to countries (including Israel!) in exchange for progress towards the goals the EU has for it . It's pretty clever actually. It's basically a form of bribery.

    The first ENPI came and went. Much to my (and many others!) disappointment. Still feel it to this day. (Even though God has blessed me in the meantime). 

    Now, the EU just recently performed a funding ban on Judea and Samaria, that made a lot of big news. Under this new rule, on any future contracts that Israel has with the EU, they must admit that West Bank and East Jerusalem are not part of Israel. Obviously, no Israeli leader can sign this. And it could very seriously harm economic ties between the two. 

    Of course, this deal is also for 7 years.....

    It seems, the EU uses this 7 year time frame as a basis for all of their deals with Israel....

    So we went from 2000 years of NO 7 year treaty between EU and Israel AT ALL. But now, under 6 years, we have THREE seven year treaties..... 

    As my friend Nick said, "these 7 year covenants are getting annoying." 

    The Contents of the Covenant

    So basically, the second round of the European Neighborhood Policy (2014-2020) IS a covenant with Israel and many nations for 7 years. But we already had one of those, and it didn't pan out (very frustrating).

    So how are we supposed to know when the real one hits?!?!??!?!? After all, it's the only explicit end time countdown prophecy in the Bible.

    Many theologians anticipated that the Antichrist would make a "peace treaty" between Israel and her neighbors for seven years. They suggested that the terms of this arrangement would allow Israel to resume sacrifices and rebuild the temple. According to their interpretation, the Antichrist would break his peace treaty with Israel halfway into the 7 year covenant, and idolize himself in the temple.

    As we ENP watchers wisely noted, their are lots and lots of assumptions in this interpretation. Daniel 9:27 never mentions a peace treaty. Nor does it say that the Antichrist guarantees resumed temple worship. Daniel 9:27 doesn't even say what the covenant is. It only says that it is declared to be 7 years in length.

    The Worthless Shepherd Deserts the Flock

    Daniel 9:27 does not say the contents of the covenant. 

    However, the cross-references might have something to say about one aspect of the covenant. I think this is where the theologians got their ideas in the past.

    Zechariah 11 talks about a Good Shepherd (Jesus) of Israel, and a "worthless shepherd" who "deserts the flock." This worthless shepherd is also wounded by the sword in the eye and the arm. (This reminds us of the mortal wound the beast receives from the sword). Most end time theologians believe that the "worthless shepherd" is the Antichrist. However, being a shepherd implies being responsible for the care of something or someone. Furthermore, it says he deserts the flock. This might imply he was supposed to watch out for them, but abandons them instead. This shows theme that the Antichrist was supposed to protect Israel, but he abandons them. 

    Isaiah 28 talks about a "covenant with death" that Israel makes. The passage strongly implies that this covenant is as worthless as trusting in lies. The passage seems to imply that Israel depends on this covenant for protection from an "overwhelming scourge." This seems to be a reference to armies. It also uses water and flood language, which is often used of end time armies. (Revelation 12) Here too, the theme of protection is found. Because of this treaty, they think they will be safe. But it turns out to be a worthless covenant. 

    Furthermore, Ezekiel 38/39 talks about a time when Israel is very unsuspecting and dwelling in safety, prior to a major invasion. This temporary safety could be the result of the Antichrist's treaty.

    All of these implies that Israel relies on the Antichrist for security, or military protection, in some way. But instead, the Antichrist seems to go back on that covenant. 

    Some Speculation

    So how do we know which ENP covenant is the one? Perhaps the ENP is the framework by which the Antichrist will make his seven year treaty with Israel. EU has already started using this 7-year framework to impose a funding ban on the settlements in Israel.

    What is more, the EU threatened more sanctions on Israel if they did not have successful peace talks with the Palestinians. The EU High Representative has already set in motion a plan to label all Israeli settlement products by end of 2013. They also promised stronger economic ties to both the PA and Israel if they succeed.

    The Hebrew word for "confirm" or "firm" covenant in reference to Daniel 9:27 is a strong word. It means to cause to prevail, to make strong. This could mean the Antichrist forcefully imposes his border arrangements on Israel and Palestinians, in exchange for Israel's security. As we can see now, the EU is getting more forceful about the two state solution.

    Maybe the "security" component of the treaty was what was lacking the original ENPI.

    Here is another speculative scenario. As we know, the peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians are going to probably begin next week. Israel has said it is ready to make very large territorial concessions. Furthermore, the EU is already forcefully trying to encourage a deal. They did this with their 7 year funding ban on the settlements. Some commentators say that this funding ban helped Israel get back to negotiations.

    What a perfect time to start peace talks....RIGHT BEFORE another 7 year deal with Israel begins?
    The EU foreign ministers want a breakthrough, and want to make a significant contribution to the negotiations. As we know, the Antichrist starts off as a little horn, then grows to be bigger than them all. Perhaps one of these foreign ministers gets involved, and helps broker a deal. Then, he grows in influence over time. 

    Keep in mind, all of these events are taking place not before, but AFTER 10 nations consolidated their kingdom in the EU. All it would take for them to unite is an attack from outside... This is just like Daniel 11 seems to say. The Antichrist doesn't attack first, but does a massive counter attack, and ultimately lands in Israel....

    I don't know about you, but I'm gonna keep an eye on these "peace" negotiations...

    Sunday, July 21, 2013

    Cast Your Vote Now! Prophecy "Red Alert" Text Messaging System!

    Before I start this post, I really need feedback on this idea!

    So if you could, please vote after reading this message. The poll box is above this blog post.

    So I was sitting around and I realized that it is possible for me to send a group text message very easily from my desktop (through Google Voice). It says Google Voice is only available in U.S. but perhaps I could send out text messages and they be received by others in other countries as well? Not sure.

    So I was thinking that we could have some kind of "text alert" system for very important prophecy updates. For example, if Egypt and Syria are attacking the EU, this could have very extreme prophecy implications. Or if someone very blatantly made a 7 year covenant with Israel. Or even if the abomination of desolation happened, there could be a text alert for that.

    The point is, for the very important alerts, we could have a text messaging system to contact large amounts of people all at once. And to determine "importance," either I could just send ones I deem important OR we could have some sort of group approval process to determine if the message should be sent out. This insures that we only send important messages, and not continually "spam" people.

    What do you guys think? If you think it's a bad idea, I won't be offended. This is why I have a little survey poll here, so you can anonymously give your opinion on this idea.

    Would love to have some feed back!

    Thursday, July 18, 2013

    The European Union in A Nutshell

    The European Union In A Nutshell....

    (got this photo from a U.S. Cellular store)

    Tuesday, July 16, 2013

    A Chilling Scenario: Major EU Power Vacuum in 2014

    OK, here I'm about to present a speculative scenario. Now, we all know that speculative scenarios in prophecy usually don't turn out as expected.

    But bear with me on this one. Even though it might not go down exactly like this, I think this scenario is quite possible, and may show how close we are, since the scenario is conceivable.

    This post will make the most sense if you read The Main Story and Theology of End Times Roman Empire pages.

    Ok here goes....

    The Background

    The Antichrist is supposed to make a 7 year covenant with Israel and "many." Furthermore, he is supposed to come from an empire that has ten kings. As we know, the EU is launching its second 7- year treaty with Israel and many nations for 2014-2020. This follows their first one, which was in 2007-2013. Furthermore, the ten nation alliance, the Western European Union, basically consolidated their authority into the greater European Union. Furthermore, we know the Antichrist starts small and insignificant, but grows to be much more powerful than all those 10 kings. Furthermore, Egypt + Syria and/or Russia will launch an end times attack on the Antichrist before the end. This results in a counter-attack where the Antichrist invades several nations. Again, for more info/backup for this, go to the The Main Story page.

    Major EU Power Vacuum in Late 2014

    Many of us were interested in the European Union High Representative position for the office of the Antichrist. However, Catherine Ashton (EU High rep), Herman Van Rompuy (Council President) and Jose' Manuel Barosso (Commission President) are all set to be replaced by the end of 2014. They are already mulling new candidates.

    EU High Rep Says She Will Step Down in 2014
    This is also  around the same time that Britain is considering having its EU exit vote. Statistically, they will likely vote to leave. Britain was one of the 10 WEU nations. Furthermore, other former WEU nations have political parties that are calling for an EU exit.  Others  have some kind of financial incentive to consider it (according to some political commentaries online.)

    Furthermore, back in 2011, the 10 nation WEU mutual defense alliance dissolved itself in favor of the larger EU. This is because the EU has structures for mutual defense already. Furthermore, late 2014 is also about 2 years prior to the midpoint of the 2014-2020 seven year agreement.

    How It All Might Fit Together

    But who cares about all this boring politics stuff??? How does this even matter?

    Here's where my scenario comes in. I will describe it in narrative format, so that it flows better. Realize this is all speculation.

    A Little Horn

    The Bible says that the Antichrist makes a 7-year deal with Israel and many other nations. If 2014-2020 is the 7-year deal, then he is currently in EU politics, but still a very "little horn." He would have to be behind the 2014-2020 ENP though. 

    7-Year European Neighborhood Area 

    The Little Horn Becomes More Powerful

    However, even though he starts off smaller than everyone else, he grows to become bigger than his associates. As we have seen above, they have to choose all new positions by late 2014. This is the perfect opportunity for him to ascend to power, and become even more "bigger" of a horn. All of this is before the supposed summer 2017 midpoint. 

    Nigel Farage: Fierce Advocate of UK Withdrawal from the EU

    The "Little Horn" Subdues 3 Kings

    The Bible says that during his rise to power, he subdues 3 other kings. Daniel 7 talks about 3 horns being uprooted. It is interesting that the time of this power vacuum is close to the time when Britain wants to have their exit vote. If someone does ascend to power, and is as blasphemous and authoritarian as Daniel says he is, it is likely that others will try to exit as well. 

    Many parties within the EU have already considered EU exit, so a fiercely authoritarian leader could put them over the edge. 3 WEU nations could attempt to leave, and the new High Rep/Antichrist figure could try to keep them in. (Pastor Brian Roberts suggested this one). Or he could let them go, but somehow maintain control of them. 

    A Fierce Warrior

    We know that the Antichrist is a fierce military warrior. The European Union does not have a fully integrated foreign policy, even though the WEU alliance was dissolved. However, in the event of an attack, this would likely change because of mutual defense obligation. They would need a way to coordinate a counter-attack. Currently, the High Representative oversees the common defense of the European Union.

    This perfectly fits into the idea that the Antichrist will not attack first, but will initiate a massive counterattack against Egypt and Syria (Daniel 11:40-41). This contributes to him becoming even more powerful than he was before. 

    Perhaps his ruthless and sadistic foreign policy is the reason other EU nations attempt to exit. Foreign policy is the least united aspect of the European Union today. 

    Daniel 11:40: Click to Enlarge

    EU Banking Union

    But it's not over. 

    Eurocrats are trying to set up the "banking union" by 2014. This is getting some political recoil from Germany, who would be it's main source of funding. 

    Basically, a banking union centralizes the authority of when to close down/restructure a troubled bank. This is meant to help the Eurozone crisis and prevent financial collapse like happened in the U.S. in 2008-2009. 

    Whatever a "banking union" means, it is focused on economics, and very very clearly, involves a large shift of sovereignty to Brussels. EU observer notes that it is a bigger transfer of sovereignty than even getting signed up to the Euro:
    Nobody should underestimate the important transfer of national sovereignty that a genuine banking union represents. Sharon Bowles, chairperson of the European Parliament's influential economic affairs committee, has described it as a "greater pooling of sovereignty than signing up to the euro."
     Furthermore, during banking union negotiations is when Barosso gave his big speech to form a "federation of nation states." This breaks a long-standing taboo that eurocrats have of not speaking of "integration" in such clear terms. Since he did so, it is clear where he wants the EU to go.

    What's It Matter?

    The banking union will come around 2014, around the same time the next 7-year agreement starts. Remember that the Bible talks about someone who seems to control the currency and economy in the end times: the false prophet (see Revelation 13). Perhaps all these economic negotiations and centralization of economic power are paving the way for this.

    These Are Just Speculations

    I don't know how it will play out exactly. But I hope this provided a plausible scenario to show just how close we might be. 

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Egypt, Isaiah 19....and the Antichrist.

    Before you read my post here, I suggest you go over to my friend Wickus's blog and read "JustASheep's" post about Egypt and Isaiah 19. I did not know about the Isaiah 19 connection until they wisely pointed it out. Some really good insights over there. Here is the link.

    Continued Unrest in Egypt, Just As God Told Us Through the Prophet Isaiah

    This post I am making here is not at all meant to take away from theirs, but simply to add some of my own thoughts.

    Egypt: An End Time Prophecy in Isaiah 19

    Here is the passage Isaiah 19:1-4:

    A prophecy against Egypt:
    See, the Lord rides on a swift cloud
        and is coming to Egypt.
    The idols of Egypt tremble before him,
        and the hearts of the Egyptians melt with fear.
    “I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian—
        brother will fight against brother,
        neighbor against neighbor,
        city against city,
        kingdom against kingdom.
    The Egyptians will lose heart,
        and I will bring their plans to nothing;
    they will consult the idols and the spirits of the dead,
        the mediums and the spiritists.
    I will hand the Egyptians over
        to the power of a cruel master,
    and a fierce king will rule over them,”
        declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty.

    As you can see, the passage opens up with an end times scenario (God riding on a cloud coming to Egypt). If you read the rest of the whole chapter, it becomes undoubtedly a prophecy about Egypt in the end times. The prophecy starts off with a bad situation and gets progressively worse for Egypt until God rescues them. It is very hard to imagine any time in the past that would fulfill the conditions of this prophecy.

    Egypt and the Antichrist
    Nevertheless, I want to focus on the first four verses here. As I wrote about in a previous post, in my interpretation, Egypt and Syria both attack the Antichrist in the end times (who is based in the end times Roman empire in Europe). It appears the Antichrist is opportunistic and uses this invasion as a pretext to invade everyone else and conquer many nations of the world (see Daniel 11:40-41). He eventually subjugates Egypt and other north African nations as well.

    Daniel also tells us that this time is a time of "great distress" (great tribulation). (Daniel 12:1) Furthermore, during this time the "abomination that causes desolation" is set up. (Daniel 12:11)

    Click to Enlarge

    Jesus and the Book of Daniel

    When Jesus gives his primary discourse about the end times in Matthew 24, it seems He heavily references the book of Daniel, especially the part I just described. In Matthew 24, Jesus refers to the "great distress," the "abomination that causes desolation." He also cites widespread war, which could be an allusion to Daniel 11:40-45. Finally, he makes an allusion to Daniel 7 (a chapter that also talks about the Antichrist), where He describes himself as a "son of man coming" on "the clouds of heaven." Furthermore, Jesus specifically mentions Daniel in Matthew 24.

    Does Jesus Quote Isaiah 19 in His End Time Discourse?

    Clearly, Jesus knows the book of Daniel well! At the beginning of Matthew 24, Jesus says that "nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom." Like I noted above, considering the numerous Daniel allusions in Matthew 24, Jesus could have easily been thinking of Daniel 11:40-41 here. Furthermore, he says that the world war is the beginning of the "birth pains." This language also alludes back to the Old Testament references to the end times.

     Here's where it gets interesting though, and relates to Egypt: As we can see, Jesus is quite fond of referencing the Old Testament, especially in His end times speech in Matthew 24.

    Interestingly enough, there is seems to be only one time in the whole Old Testament that sounds like "Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom" in Matthew 24.

    Can you guess where???

    You guessed it! Isaiah 19:1-4!

    Egypt and the End Times "Birth Pains"

    Return to the Isaiah passages with me for a moment. Here is verse 2. 
    “I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian—
        brother will fight against brother,
        neighbor against neighbor,
        city against city,
        kingdom against kingdom. 
     This whole passage basically says that the Egyptians will fight against each other, and the situation will sort of worsen into fighting "kingdom against kingdom." However, it goes on to say in verse 4 that:
    I will hand the Egyptians over
        to the power of a cruel master,
    and a fierce king will rule over them,”
        declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty.

    A "Cruel Master"... The Antichrist?

    This is perfectly consistent with what Jesus says and what Daniel says. We know that the Antichrist will subjugate Egypt in the end times after a period of war. (Daniel 11:40-45) Hence, we have a "cruel master" and "fierce king" who rules over them.

    In my opinion, this makes more sense to me than the idea that the fierce king is the Egyptian military, or Mohammed Morsi, or anyone else. Isaiah 19 opens with an end times scenario where kingdom fights against kingdom, just like Jesus talks about. This is also consistent with Egypt's involvement in end time battles with the Antichrist. It only makes sense that they lose this war (as Daniel says) and are subjugated by a ruthless Antichrist.

    Egypt and Syria

    Egypt and Syria are both in end time prophecy. Isaiah 17 predicts the destruction of Damascus, while Isaiah 19 predicts a deteriorating end times situation in Egypt. Furthermore, it seems Egypt and Syria are the combatants in Daniel 11:40. It seems both these places have a role to play in the end times, especially as it relates to end time war. 

    What Of Today?

    Given all this information, what shall we make of today's world? Egypt and Syria are currently stressing out the EU and the US because of their conflict. Furthermore, due to Egypt's recent coup, many commentators fear that Egypt will descend into civil war. This is perfectly in line with Isaiah 19 which talks about "Egyptian against Egyptian, brother against brother." If this is in line with prophecy and my interpretation is correct, this civil strife in Egypt will spiral out of control into the rest of the world where "kingdom" fights against "kingdom" just like what Jesus said.

    Furthermore, to provide background context, we have a revived Roman Empire present, the European Union, who is currently about to start another 7-year treaty with Israel (see Daniel 9:27). Furthermore, this present European Union follows the dissolution of a 10 nation military alliance in Europe (see Daniel 7:24).

    What could possibly go wrong?


    Like I said at the beginning of this post, I suggest you go over to my friend Wickus's blog and read "JustASheep's" post about Egypt and Isaiah 19. I did not know about the Isaiah 19 connection until they wisely pointed it out. Really good insight over there. Here's the link:

    Continued Unrest in Egypt, Just As God Told Us Through the Prophet Isaiah