Friday, April 11, 2014

Guess Who?

He is....

1) Widely tipped to be the next EU High Representative. At very least, among top three contenders.

2) Very hawkish on EU defence

3) Wants EU and US to separately manage their defence capabilities

4) Issued a statement two weeks ago, saying he (and two others) wants a stronger, more dynamic ENP, even with a free trade area for those who want it.

5) Wants the EU to become a "superpower"

6) Strongly opposes British exit from the EU

7) Has a very low tolerance for Russian encroachment in Ukraine, wants two NATO brigades deployed to his home country

8) Was part of 11 foreign ministers that called for an EU super president, European army, among many other things

9) Relatively young and articulate

10) Sits on Consilium Foreign Affairs Council

As we have learned, "name calling" is unwise. But there is nothing wrong with say.... "keeping an eye" on someone.........


  1. Hi Eschologizer,

    Could you be possibly mentioning German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter as the next High Representative of the EU?

    Great Web-site by the Way!

  2. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

    It looks like Frank Walter might be in the running. But its all very political at the moment. They have to make a decision by December 1. But they will make a plan at the end of May as to how to go about the selection process. They might have to pick the High Rep first, since they are VP of commission.

    Thanks again Anonymous!

  3. Hi again Eschologizer,

    The first post was actually me: " Mr Baldy" - but I had no idea how to post my comments under that name without some difficulty. So I have posted under Anonymous.

    I've viewed the list of candidates on the link that you have provided. I believe that you may be on to something that needs to be shared with those of us who are watching. What really caught my attention is when the Blogger who wrote the comments said that the next High Representative may also be selected to fill the positions of President of the European Commission, and President of the European Council. If this turns out to be true......well, that could make a huge impact on how those who aren't looking in that direction view End Time Prophecy.

    What a great find!

    By the way......I'm still not ruling out Solana.

  4. There is a few on the list here is a good link
    Regarding the AC i think maybe it might be time to rule out Solana but never say never. the thing that i dont think the AC will have is children which most of the candidates have Except for Frans Timmermans from what i have read, Not saying he is the AC but if the AC happens to be in the position of High Rep and is going to be in power in the midst of the new ENP 2014-2020 then that person would want to be picked soon. But again who knows who they will pick, we were all shocked when Ashton got the job.

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