Friday, September 5, 2014

ENP Theory Unaffected by New EU High Rep

Not Again!

Federica Mogherini, New EU Foreign Policy Chief

A Quick, But Relevant, Parable 

There were once two poor men, named Bill and Frank. Both were promised one billion dollars each from a very rich man with a kind heart. Both received a letter in the mail, outlining when this generous rich man would pay them the money. The first man, Bill, was elated when he received his letter in the mail. It promised him the one billion dollars in exactly 10 months time. He was elated. Now, he could finally get proper treatment for a chronic medical condition. He could also pay off his terrible debt. 

The second man, Frank, received his letter in the mail. It promised that in 100 months time, he would get the billion dollars. He too was elated, because he was poor. Now, he could finally pay for his daughters medical bills, and pay off his mortgage. 

But there was a problem. Even though both letters were sent from the rich man, Bill's letter got a small smudge on it. This small smudge blotted out just one "0" on the letter. In fact, both Bill and Frank were supposed to receive the money in 100 months. That very small smudge on Bill's letter hid the extra "0" on the number of months until the payday. So really, Bill was supposed to receive the money in 100 months, just like Frank, not in 10 months.

When Bill discovered this, he was filled with terrible grief and disappointment. For 8 more years, he would be stuck with terrible debt, and not afford money for his chronic medical condition. Furthermore, he would still be struggling with debt for those 8 years. 

...But Frank was still happy. He was delighted that in 100 months, he would be able to afford everything he could ever need. 

So even though Frank and Bill received the money at the same time, Bill was sad, but Frank was happy. 

The Interpretation of this Story

The EU has caused us a lot of grief. We had the perfect theory with Javier Solana. There was a ten nation military alliance in Europe. Furthermore, after it was ten nations, he entered the scene later. This seemed very much like Daniel 7, where the little horn arrives on the scene after the ten are present. Furthermore, while he was gaining power among these ten, he launched the first ever 7 year treaty with Israel. This was very reminiscent of Daniel 9:27, where theologians have believed the Antichrist will make a treaty with Israel for seven years. 

But he didn't pan out. He was replaced by Catherine Ashton, who, to her credit, cannot be the Antichrist, because she is a woman. The seven years passed, and there was nothing. The next seven year period started, and that resulted in nothing as well. Furthermore, they selected yet another woman, Federica Mogherini, as the EU foreign policy chief. 

This has caused us all more of our share of grief and disappointment.

I admit, I am spoiled by the Javier Solana theory. Nothing can live up to it. It's a man spending hundreds of dollars on a woman on the first date. How can he possibly live up to that standard on future dates?

The failure of Javier Solana theory causes grief and disappointment. But when I show the theory, in its present, "weak" form, it still causes happy surprises among people. Even pre-tribbers are mildly enthused by the theory in some cases. People who have never heard of it at all are quite fascinated. 

That is why I think I am like Bill, and they are like Frank in my little story above. I need to be more like Frank. Imagine if I had never known anything about Javier Solana theory. What if, instead of learning about Javier Solana theory, I learned about the EU theory in its present form? Would I be sad? Of course not! I would be happy. May be not as happy as I was when I learned Javier Solana theory. But happy nonetheless.

The Roman Empire, Greatest Extent

Take your average pre-tribber interested in prophecy. Suppose he has read about prophecy from "old school" theologians. Suppose he accepts the idea that there will be a 10 nation confederacy in the end times, and that a leader of the revived Roman empire will make a 7 year treaty with Israel. Among "old school" theologians, these are pretty consistent ideas. 

Roman Empire II: 7-Year ENP

There are even several books in my house by different authors that espouse this idea. (Commentaries on the Old Testament, Daniel, books about prophecy). These are books my father had before I even became interested in prophecy. But if you look up their views on each of these things, there is a surprising degree of consistency. 

Now tell this pre-tribber that the framework of the EU's relationship with Israel is based on a repeating seven year treaty. Now tell him that the entire basis of Europe's defense program was founded on a 10 nation alliance. The EEAS website even says as much. To top it all off, tell him that the map of all the countries on the 7 year treaty looks like the Roman Empire. Now tell him that there is an EU job position that oversees both of these programs at once. 

Even this "bad" theory is better than what most prophecy people have been coming up with. 

10 Nation WEU: Historical Basis of EU Common Defense

The EEAS is headed by the high representative. Even the EEAS website says that the 10 nation alliance in Europe was the first step towards a common defense policy. Now the High Representative coordinates common security and defense policy. They are still weaker than the member states. But we know this will change as the High Representative gains more power, as they have been for the last 15 years. See link below to see how the page is laid out:

Click to Enlarge

Mogherini's Appointment Doesn't Affect ENP Theory

In my opinion, the theory is in no way impacted by Mogherini's appointment as EU High Representative. Here are the scheduled 7-year rotations. 

They have been looking for a new high representative to represent the EU's "one voice" in foreign policy. Furthermore, many think tanks and EU politicians have been decrying the state of the 7 year treaty. It is weak and they want someone strong to reinforce it. This all the more emphasizes the possibility that a future ENP cycle will be the framework for the Antichrist's final 7 year treaty. 

Click to Enlarge!!!!

This time, they appointed yet another woman to the EU foreign policy post. Mogherini's appointment isn't any worse for the theory than Ashton's was. As I will illustrate below, even if a man was nominated for the position this year (2014) he would have to run for two terms to be the Antichrist. The next ENP cycle doesn't start until the next high representative is appointed. See the chart above to see my illustration of this. On the bottom is the High Representative terms, on the top is the ENP cycles, and how they line up. 

Long Story Short....

Long story short, in my opinion, it doesn't matter if they nominate a man, or a woman for this term. Either way, they have to run for two terms to be the Antichrist, or someone else has to be in charge before the next High Representative term. 

Feel free to comment. I always welcome any comments, especially disagreement. :) 


  1. Long story short is this can turn on a dime! In today, out tomorrow!

    Layers of timeframes are converging together and still on track to place the man of the hour into his position and it is much much sooner than later. 2015 has many great big economic upheavals in the works and will demand a man at the helm with global perspective, prowess, and power.

    We don't have to hold on too tightly to any theory because will soon be reality anyway.

    Solana still gets some moving and shaking done under the table in all of his trekking around the world. He has a very long arm to reach out to world leaders to give his praise or rebuke. Who do you think these {like keystone cops} run to for approval? He is still in the game somehow and time will reveal him or whomever he has groomed for the most evil and biggest global job of all time.

  2. ENP is not the 7 years. The 7 years is based on a commemorative reading of Deuteronomy 31:10-11. That reading has not been done for at least 20 years. Can't be done until the religious Jews control the temple mount.

    The 7 years is in the text of Deuteronomy 31:10-11.

    The person who will be the leader of the EU, agreed, when he comes to Israel, as the prince who shall come following Gog/Magog, he will be perceived by the Jews as the messiah - promised King of Israel. But illicit. Jesus the rightful king. Mark 15:32, Christ the King of Israel - in the text.

    He is the Antichrist only for the time he is the illicit King of Israel. He gets dumped by the Jews when he reveals himself as the man of sin. And goes on to become the beast in Revelation.