Sunday, January 18, 2015

New ENP Theory Infographic

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  1. Hi Eschologizer,

    I want to commend you for keeping up with what so many of us have very often forgotten about. And that is the ENP Theory.

    As I read the notes that you have provided, I noted that you circled 666 - which is Article 666 of the EU that names a dual seat for the High Representative, in that this same person was to also be the Secretary-General of the European Council.

    Article 666 - as many of us may remember was enacted in 1998 and is quite different from Recommendation 666; which the very first High Representative made to give himself "Emergency Powers" under this Recommendation - however, they both were to work in connection with each other.

    With the passing of the Lisbon Treaty - well, it sort of put a halt to the rising of a man. who came to power under Article 666 - he voluntarily stepped down, as I honestly believe that "it was not his time yet". Also, if you'll notice this "Position" called for a person with: "a personality with a strong political profile". Ironically this same man made preparations for Recommendation 666 once he was in office - however with the passing of the Lisbon Treaty, he did not get what he wanted. Again, I personally believe that the time for him to be revealed is not yet.

    The "personality having a strong political profile" is still in demand - as the EU has not declined; but we must remember that the WEU has. I mention that because I truly believe that the WEU with it's handing over it's power to the EU has fulfilled Bible Prophecy, in that it fits Revelation 17:13.

    We have to connect these I truly believe that you are continuing to expose what may be the absolute truth.

    Thank you for your continuous work!

    1. Part 1 of my reply:

      Thanks for the kind words anonymous. Also, I would like to commend you as well for your patient & continuous watching for the Lord.

      You mentioned Rec 666, which indeed contains some very interesting things (Article 666 is interesting as well, because it basically appoints the little horn). Also, it fit better on the page for display purposes (not at all intending to downplay rec 666).

      Nevertheless, your post prompted me to do quick research on the progress on WEU rec 666.

      "Support proposals for the WEU Secretary-General and CFSP High Representative to preside over the PSC and civilian crisis-management machinery and give him powers to convene the Council of the European Union in the event of an emergency;"

      This quote from the EU website is of interest I believe:

      “In the event of a military response, the PSC exercises political control and strategic direction. On the basis of the opinions and recommendations of the EUMC, the PSC evaluates strategic military options, the operation concept and the operation plan to be submitted to the Council. With a view to launching an operation, the PSC sends the Council a recommendation based on the opinions of the EUMC. On that basis the Council decides to launch the operation within the Decision on the action to be taken, determining in particular the role of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in the implementation of the measures. During the operation, the High Representative, who may chair the PSC, reports to the Council. On the basis of the proceedings of the PSC, the High Representative directs the activities of the Situation Centre, which supports the PSC and provides it with intelligence on crisis management.”

      So it seems the PSC is the main controlling body for the stuff that happens “on the ground” when a military mission is underway. So that body controls the “crisis management machinery.” But what is interesting is that the EUHR already chairs one configuration of the Council of the European Union, the Foreign Affairs Council (they meet regularly). Furthermore, this quote above says that the Council decides what role they want the EUHR to take in the “implementation” of the mission. It also says “During the operation, the High Representative, who may chair the PSC, reports to the Council.” So it seems Rec 666 has been made a reality in the new High Representative post. It seems he or she can chair the PSC in a military event, & also chairs one configuration of the Council.

      Ending Part 1, beginning part 2 of reply:

    2. Part 2 of reply:

      I thought Mogherini would be relatively harmless idealistic young woman. But it seems she has set out to prove this false. She certainly talks big and not just with generic euro-speak.

      I believe that the High Representative office is the little horn spoken of in Daniel. Since the other horns could very well be offices (since no one was in charge of one country for 15 years). The little horn could be an office as well, culminating in a specific person, who has a very human-like description in Daniel. The little horn is another king. According to my interpretation, that king (the EUHR) will speak against the most high, oppress his people, etc. But which EUHR that will be, I personally believe we have yet to see.

      According to wikipedia, the Treaty of Lisbon “aggrandized” the office of High Representative. I didn’t know what that word meant, but evidently it means to “increase the power, or status or wealth of.” So it meets the image of what we have in the Bible.

      Keep up the good watching anonymous. Prophecy hurts because it seems (to us) to move at a glacial pace. Perhaps the fact that it moves at a glacial pace is further evidence of it’s truth. All of the relevant players continue to exist, & to act more and more consistently with how they will in the end times.

      I believe you are right, and have been increasing my confidence in this theory. We aren't chasing fleeting headlines. We are watching as 20 years of European history develops according to Bible prophecy, before our very eyes.

      And I certainly hope He comes sooner than later.

      Ending part 2 of reply.

    3. Eschologizer,

      Please correct me if I'm wrong....but I thought that with the passing of the Lisbon Treaty the High Representative actually lost power instead of "increasing power" - and this was "a" reason why Solana had stepped down. From what I understood, the passing of the Lisbon Treaty actually lessened the powers of the HR, in that it took away the powers he possessed when he was wearing "dual hats" as both HR and Secretary - General of the Council under the initial creation of High Representative in 1999. The "dual hat" Position was mentioned and initially created under Article 666 of the EU. It was Recommendation 666 that Solana created to give him the "Emergency Powers" after being appointed to the HR Seat and with the passing of the Lisbon Treaty those powers had been taking away with the creation of a EU President which would be rotated every 6 months between the EU Nations. So please inform me if I am wrong with my understanding.

    4. Also, I too believe that there was a reason why the WEU had been established in the first place. I believe that it certainly pointed the way to the coming Antichrist - as it took a number of years to finally reach 10 Nations, and now it is subsequently defunct. Without the WEU being established, and the EU creating a seat after this 10 Nation Confederacy was finally established - there would be no High Representative Seat. I personally believe that it positively identifies a Person (man) - and ironically this same Seat and/or Person (Position) came to power after the 10 Nations had finally come together. I believe that as the Bible has mentioned, it was it's (WEU) only purpose for existing in the first place: (Revelation 17:13 & 17:17). The WEU no longer exists, but the High Representative Seat does. Simply Amazing.

      I'm glad that you have been increasing your confidence in the ENP theory. I mention this because it is the only theory that has actually matched up with Scripture thus far. It has not died, nor can anyone rule it out at this point. It is our understanding that has been limited. I'm just glad that you have created a forum that has allowed what is needed in diligently seeking the Truth & Studying the Word of God in that some "thinking outside of the box" is often required to understand the mysteries of Bible Prophecy.

    5. Anonymous, great to hear from you.

      I actually put my reply to you in a shareable Google doc, because of the character limit on comments.

      Blessings to you.

    6. Oh and also, sorry I didn't see yer other reply. I just saw the first one with the question.

      Yes indeed this ENP theory doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The theory is able to be "unified" around the post of high representative. When we look at that specific office, it seems it ties everything together. The theory seemed disparate and not as "unified" after JS stepped down, but I think if we view it as being about the HR and a future strengthened ENP, the theory "fits together" nicely. In fact, you are right, I think the Treaty of Lisbon did play a major role in fulfilling prophecy, or at least, making it so that it is "underway" or "in process." The Common Security and Defence Policy and CFSP are still a work in progress, and three big countries still stand in the way. Someday, no one will stand in the way. But alas they all gave their sovereignty to the EU in the Treaty of Lisbon, to an extent.

      I guess in the past few days, the theory has been making more sense to me, even though I accepted it even before that. I am much more confident.

      I sure hope it's sooner than later because the waiting gets kinda stressful.

  2. Longest infographic I've ever seen . Very informative and your source was a google doc? I suggest if you had used a better diagram software like creately it would have looked nicer.