Sunday, March 1, 2015

Part 2: ENP 3.0 - The Beast Rises

I prayed to God for wisdom again. And of course, God who is rich in mercy, desiring to enhance his glory, generously gave me what I consider to be wisdom, though I am not a particularly wise person. I know its fashionable to feign humility in Christian circles, and I am guilty of it. Nonetheless, it is actually true that if you knew me in person and saw my daily life, you would not consider me particularly wise.

But God is rich in mercy and continues to unveil all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge to those who ask him for it. It is from you all I learned the wonderful things that can happen when a person prays for wisdom. I think we should keep doing this.

After writing the first blog post on ENP 3.0 - The Beast Rises, this thought, which seems to be an insight, occurred to me:

25 “Know and understand this: From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One,[f] the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’ It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. Daniel 9:25 NIV

In the verses preceding Daniel 9:27, the passage predicts that 483 years after the decree to rebuild and restore Jerusalem, the Messiah will come. However, according to the Bible Knowledge commentary, four decrees went out around that time that were very similar in nature. One of them pertained to the rebuilding of the temple. The second was a confirmation of the first. The third pertained to the financing of temple sacrifices. Though all of these decrees were very closely related to the rebuilding of Jerusalem, only one of them fulfilled the prophecy. The last decree was for the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls. This took place in 444 B.C. This was the decree that related directly to the city, not the temple. It is from this decree that we can count 483 Jewish years (360 days each) all the way up to the Triumphal Entry in 33 A.D.

We too face a similar situation. The Bible speaks of only one decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. Nevertheless, there were four very similar decrees. But only one fulfilled prophecy to the letter. 

In the same way, the Bible only speaks of one seven year covenant. But alas, we have two in the past and one coming up. All of these are very similar. But only one fulfills the prophecy to the letter. The last two 7 year covenants have not fulfilled prophecy in one way or another. They have each barely fallen short. But it seems the next one will fulfill it to the letter, providing a man takes office prior to its confirmation.

UPDATE: Please be advised that when I say God likely gave me wisdom, I am not saying "Thus saith the Lord." I am not claiming God spoke to me directly. Only that after I prayed for wisdom, I had an insight that may or may not have come from God.


  1. Please remember his July 2009 Chatham speech where he recommended that the Un Security Council make the middle east peace. He repeated this in his Europe in the world speech at Harvard September 2009. Obama seems ready to take any new Iran agreement to the UN security Council in order to bypass the US senate and this may be the plan for a new attempt for peace in the middle east as well.
    Will a seven year agreement come from the UN or as I suggest was the seven year agreement in 2007 already completed and the peace component is any new agreement. Solana may not have been on the commision but he represented it to the world and even went to Israel and presented these agreements in person to Ariel Sharon.

  2. Eschologizer :

    I appreciate that you among a few others have kept a watchful eye on these things. Both FP and Unsealed Prophecy have lost some focus.

  3. One more comment to the other two.
    The theory that JS could be the AC is by far the most solid of any theory out there related to endtimes. You are probably aware of the Harbinger and Shemita theories which while quite solid are no more secure than Herb Peter's observations. What makes Herb's observations so hard to swallow is the ramifications. By the way I do not think Herb Peters was correct to discourage identifying the AC. He was just trying not to have to deal with every nitwit seeing the AC in every other political figure. He also probably had to deal with others bias against doing so and was trying to keep his theory on the ground so to speak. If JS is not "the man" I hope to have a serious discussion in Heaven about the limits of human thought as it relates to prophecy.

    1. I agree the JS theory seems to be where I have landed. No other theory has any "fulfilled" prophecy of any significance. Granted we can point to the latest young and cunning European politician, but these aren't fulfilled prophecies, more like anticipations or speculations. No hard facts.

      I have undergone a major "evolution" of views on this topic in the past few months. I kept praying for wisdom. But the apparent epiphanies stopped after landing back on the Javier theory, which I had for a time mostly abandoned almost 100% (in favor of a more generic, "high representative" theory).

      The 666's have coming at me lately. Maybe coincidence. Who knows. Couple days ago, I sinned and told God "God I know I don't deserve it but please give me wisdom about Javier."

      Within 120 seconds I saw this article. And no I didn't google anything diabolical. I had seen this article before. But not the one with this particular URL. Literally one of the first articles I saw.

      Written by Javier himself.

      I saw another 666 connection by accident even before I changed back the Javier Solana theory (as opposed to the generally "high representative" theory i was pushing). That one was more impressive. It talked about Dr Solana and Big Three and the advantages of Solana.,66&source=bl&ots=P4lA4fqS-x&sig=mJ-c5ORLkbIcu3l19nKCt7b-DSE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=k1MfVZPOGoaksAXb34Iw&ved=0CB8Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=solana%2C%20big%20three%20chubin%202006%2C66&f=false

      Blessings to you and thanks again for your kind words and watchful perseverance and hard work as well. I think all the watchmen and women are getting weary.

      Oh PS, just curious. Are you Adamantine?