Monday, April 6, 2015

666: EU Defence Ministers Meeting and Solana's Article

666: EU Defence Ministers Meeting

The Latvian EU Presidency released an article back in February

Yesterday, I found an article (with a big fat 666 in it), that was on the Latvian EU Presidency website. This article summarized a meeting that took place on February 18-19 between EU Defence ministers.

Javier Solana's Task Force and Articles

These are the two articles Javier Solana recently coauthored with Steven Blockmans. They vary to a small degree, but are meant to summarize the proceedings of the Task Force Javier Solana chaired the past few months. These were written around March 11, and the Task Force Report came out on February 26. Solana was at a Brussels thinktank on March 9, to give the keynote speech about this report.

Here is the task force report. You don't have to pay if you download it electronic.

Striking Similarities

The textual and ideological similarities are rather striking. Clearly there is some serious groupthink going on or they are taking advice from all the same people. I summarize these below.

Article about EU Defence Ministers
Javier Solana Wall Street Journal & EUObserver Articles
February 18-19
March 9 (Summary of Task Force that he had chaired for months prior. Report released Feb. 26.
“face of a series of crises affecting European security.”
“the numerous crises facing Europe have made change possible.”
“revision of the European Security Strategy”
“new European Security Strategy in the context of the ongoing strategic review of EU foreign policy”
“should be one of the main topics on the agenda for the June 2015 European Council”
“At its June summit, the European Council should define a roadmap”

“In the current security environment in which we are faced with new and complex threats, unity is required more than ever”
“Multiple emergencies and rapidly evolving global trends have undermined the European Union’s role as a security actor in recent years”
“have a strong commitment to the EU as a provider of security”
“live up to security responsibilities in the strategic neighbourhood”
“we need strong defence capabilities backed by a strong defence industry”
“re-galvanizing the European defense technological and industrial base.”
“as enhancement of the EU's rapid response capabilities.”
“through the use of military force and rapid response as needed.”
“the need for closer EU-NATO cooperation, thus ensuring that both organisations complement one another”
“This EDU should support Nato in its task to provide territorial defence.”
“pointing out the need to strengthen the field of research and development.”
“It should also stimulate investment in innovative research programmes”
Article about EU Defence Ministers
Javier Solana CEPS
Task Force Report
“EU's fight with hybrid threats”
“hybrid security threats,”
“The informal meeting of the EU Ministers for Defence is devoted to such issues as the European Council discussion on defence”
“establish a permanent forum for consultation and decisionmaking
between defence ministers of member states committed
to the creation of the EDU (a ‘Defence Group’), gradually leading
to the formation of a dedicated Council of Defence Ministers;’

Why So Similar!?!?

I'm not a fan of conspiracy explanations. By "conspiracy" I mean that groups are "cosnpiring" behind closed doors, to do something that they don't want others to know. People often have less than transparent intentions. However, to explain an event by saying they are plotting something evil behind the scenes is an often unnecessary theory, when such goings-on can be explained more simply. 

With this reservation in mind, I propose three possibilities as to why the content of these writings are so strikingly similar:

1) The EU is suffering from very serious groupthink. This isn't at all uncommon when people are working towards the same objectives. Perhaps its not unlikely here. 

2) The EU is taking advice from a core group of people who talk a lot (and thus, this talking foments groupthink).

3) Javier Solana (or Federica Mogherini) is having a much more deliberate impact on the thoughts of the EU officials on defense than we previously realized. To try and guess who is influencing who in this mess, when they make very simultaneous and similar statements, is a very difficult endeavor. (EU HR Mogherini and Solana's report often use very similar language, at similar times.)

4) And now, I am going to propose the most radical reason why they are all thinking the same. It may rattle a bit but I think it has Scriptural support. The reason is that it is God's will that they think the same. Recall:

For God has put it in their hearts to execute His purpose by having a common purpose, and by giving their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God will be fulfilled. (Revelation 17:17 NASB emphasis added)
How could God possibly benefit from a unified beast kingdom? It seems this unity is used to accomplish his purpose in judgment, by which the ten kings militarily destroy the end times city named "Babylon." (For more about how I think this prophecy has been fulfilled, specifically in the ten WEU nations, click here.)

I was talking to my brother recently and told him that I use the hashtag #CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policy), even though I don't support it. Then I hesitated...and realized God, at least in some sense, supports it. In fact, in some sense, CSDP is God's idea. How weird is that!?!? (To learn more about CSDP and the ten king WEU in prophecy, click here).

In Israel's history, God often used wicked kingdoms to exact judgment on the people of Israel. I think we have a similar case here, except the purpose is to exact judgment on Babylon. 

But Why Are the Two Articles So Similar?

It's difficult to speculate why the articles are so similar. I am wary of unsubstantiated and ad hoc conspiracy theories. However, it does seem that the whole upper echelons of EU officials are getting the same idea in their heads about having a unified defense. These ideas are coming from somewhere. The most knowledgeable and experienced source (if we postulate one source, is Javier Solana). Or it could be just a groupthinky amalgam of thinktank articles who have influenced them. Either way, very interesting indeed. 


  1. Because the 'neck' turns the head (mogherini). Solana has a very determined stiff neck approach to his european dream. She is parroting everything she is told. This is all still very much on track in my eyes.

    1. Mogherini has some flexibility with handling things for now. She will be easily replaced when the time is right. I think I know who is her replacement, and still not 100% sure, but I think Solana can step in at a moments notice because it is as though he never left.

    2. Eschologizer,

      Again Brother.......I want to send you words of encouragement....keep up the Good Fight, keep up your diligence in finding Truth - and finally my Brother in Christ, keep informing those who are in the Body of Christ about looking to and applying knowledge and wisdom concerning the Word of God, to the Prophecy that is before us. God Himself has Truly Blessed you with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Your prayers have been answered.

      Stay Encouraged!


    3. Thank you for your encouraging words Mr Baldy! However, I must admit, if Solana is the AC, that you and adamantine have had this wisdom long before I admitted it. God has been gracious to me in helping me understand (if indeed, we are on the right track).

      I just really hope we aren't reading too much into things. But I feel "stuck" with Solana.

      Blessings to you Mr B. I hope all is well with you my brother in Christ! Stay strong and encouraged as well!

    4. Anonymous, very interesting thoughts. Indeed, they use phrases and words that are very similar, but it could be based on the mutual groupthink. Time will tell. Solana certainly stands taller than Ashton, and Mogherini we have yet to see. But yet I am certain she is no Solana.

  2. Baldy is a syncophant

    1. Good afternoon. What is your alias? Have you been to this website before? Why are you calling Mr B a syncophant?

      "a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage."

      I am neither important, nor do people gain advantage by aligning with me.

    2. And Mr B is not a syncophant. Namecalling is not edifying.