Saturday, April 4, 2015

666: Still Hanging Around

1) Javier Solana's Linkedin page:

Ok, I admit I cheated on this one. I did google the number. I don't know why it says "United States." (It's probably just the default setting.) But I think it's his actual account.

2) An article Solana wrote this week on global governance. Yesterday, I sinned. Then I prayed to God. "God I know I don't deserve it, but please give me wisdom about Javier." And within one minute or two this article popped up in the search results. (I DID NOT google for the number 666!). I had seen the article before on other sites, but I saw that number pop up.

3) A Book I found. Between pages 66-67 (see where my mouse hovers), it recommends "Streamline Decision Making Give Mr CFSP More Resources" namely, Solana. Again, I cheated with this one.

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4) Another book I found. 
"Dr. Solana also became, together with the Big Three states of France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, a major mediator in Europe's relations with Iran since 2004. He presented the following three advantages. Internally to the EU, he represented all EU states, and not just the Big Three. This was a major issue for small states, which asked for the inclusion of the High Representative in the negotiations (Sauer 2007,10). In Iran itself, he was seen as a neutral actor as opposed to a negative actor such as the United States (Chubin, 2006, 66)." (emphasis added)
Found this one totally by accident when I was researching Solana and prophecy stuff a few weeks ago.


I cheated on two of these (by googling the number). However, one of them almost immediately followed a prayer for wisdom. Be advised that simply Googling for 666 connections to Solana doesn't usually yield impressive results. You'll land on an index to a book with a ton of numbers on it, or you will find some phone number on the bottom of the page with his name on it. Nothing too exciting. It's weird, because many of these experiences have historically followed prayer for wisdom within the the ENP watching community.

This Is Only the Icing on the Cake

This isn't even why he's the best candidate out there. However, it is possible that they represent trail markers from God, telling us where to look and notifying us we are on the right track. The reason we have been so interested in him is because of fulfilled prophecy. Not speculation. But likely fulfillments.

All other Antichrist theories are basically looking for Nicolae Carpathia to come along. A young and dashing European, with a secretly diabolical side, swoops in to solve the worlds problems and save the day. These theories all rely entirely on speculation, and not cold, hard, historical events in recent history.

Attached is my powerpoint on why Javier Solana has fulfilled prophecies about the Antichrist in the past tense. Everybody else is speculation. But he has some actual very specific prophecies fulfilled about him.

This is the first half of the new powerpoint I'm working on. I still have to release the final version. Also, it still needs the references cited. However, it stands alone just fine.

Some of the content of this powerpoint is the same as the other several iterations and updates I have done to this powerpoint. But the content is largely revamped to focus on Solana.

One of the claims that I make in the powerpoint is that Solana actually did subdue the EU Big Three. (Evidently, Herb Peters believed this too). For a nuanced explanation on why I believe that, go here. But I will quickly note that the word "subdue" in Aramaic is not necessarily a violent word, and it means to put down, abase, subdue or humble.Though the little horn is said to uproot three of the ten (seemingly leaving seven), I will also note that all ten kings are present when they hand their power and authority over to the beast. So all ten remain in existence, up until the day they surrender their power to the beast in a very voluntary fashion. It seems the subduing of the three would precede the consolidation event. After all, theologically speaking, what is there to subdue if they already gave their sovereignty to the beast? I believe the historical events of the last 10 years reconcile these two seemingly contradictory passages.

Noticeably absent from this powerpoint is a discussion about the EU's 7-year ENPI/ENI instrument with Israel and other countries. I am still working on how to fit that in and how to present it to someone who hasn't heard of it before. Maybe I will make that a separate powerpoint, instead of one unbearably long powerpoint. If Solana makes his return, he will confirm a seven year treaty with Israel, simply by virtue of holding the office, because of Council Decision 2010/427/EU. This is in sharp contrast with his previous position, which wasn't legally connected to the 7 year covenant, but only the ENP.

Have I gone off the deep end by now posting 666 all over my website? I don't know. Being a fool for Jesus is something my pride will struggle with, but in the end I am more than willing to be. However, much less appealing is becoming a person who has wrongly interpreted the prophecies, and made a fool of myself. God is the judge.

 However, I still have a hunch that we are really onto something with Solana. If ENP Theory is still viable, then interpreting him as the little horn (Solana specifically, not the high representative) seems to strain the text the least. If the WEU represent the ten kings of Bible prophecy, then Solana becomes the "only game in town." But it seems we have multiple evidences that we have the right ten nation alliance. So for an easy reading of Scripture, we are stuck with Javier Solana.

I don't know how Javier Solana's career change fits into all of this, and why that was part of the plan, though the prophecies didn't seem to hint at it. It's as if the little horn grows, uproots three...completely goes away, then is the big horn again. Confusing to say the least. One hint might be found here:
 I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. Revelation 6:1-2 NIV (emphasis added)
This is a future event from the standpoint of 2015. This event I have covered in other posts, and is often associated with the launch of the 70th week by theologians. Now, he was given a crown "stephanos." This is not a royal crown for authority, but more like a garland or wreath type crown, that is a reward for victory. (If it was the other type of crown, I would have a much more convincing case.) Nevertheless, the riding out of the white horse is a very conspicuous event that is coordinated by the sovereign direction of Jesus Christ, at the opening of the 7 seals. So it seems this riding out to conquer and victory coronation of sorts refers to a future event where we could have a grand re-entry of someone who was previously out of office? I am speculating. But I'd love to hear other thoughts on this.

Until/if he is revealed as the Antichrist, we are to consider Javier Solana as yet another lost person in need of Jesus Christ. Pray for him.

Dark Days Ahead

This week, in the United States, the serious and imminent threat of actual (not perceived) persecution is present. The world turns a blind and approving eye to death and arson threats against Christians, who can be swept out of business overnight, without mercy, for holding to their convictions. And the media applauds. Pray for Memories Pizza parlor. My European readers are probably already all too familiar with this painful experience, which has been going on longer for them than for us in the U.S.

We have to hang in there and hang on to God in tough times. In 2 Thessalonians, Scripture says God is righteous in his judgment and will pay back retribution to these persecutors when he returns. But that is not our wish (nor his!). This week, I have learned that God is a much more merciful and patient person than I could ever hope to be. That is the glory of the cross, that God would die for such wicked and hateful people such as us. That is what Good Friday is all about. The immense love of God poured out for all of us.
You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:6-8

Pastor Brian always has good posts about staying strong in dark times. 

When the Antichrist comes (whoever he is), he will make Adolf Hitler look like a mere schoolyard bully by comparison. 666 won't be a creepy and fascinating number, it will be the new swastika, the darkest symbol of the murderous depths humanity can sink to. It will get worse before it gets better. But all of us here long for the appearing of Jesus. And as a result, we will get a crown of righteousness.
Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. 2 Timothy 4:8 NIV

Come Lord Jesus!

*I'm no scholar, so I'm not sure about its connotations in different tenses and cases.


  1. This is a powerful post. Thank you for it. It is a snapshot of comprehensive thoughts put together and they do add up in Scripture to what, and yes, who to watch in these matters. It is the best we have at the moment and that is not an answer that means I am settling, it only means we don't have quite all the facts yet. This is progressing and taking a distinct form so I want to keep my focus on the Lord and do as He said. He said watch, and it won't be in vain.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and encouraging reply Anonymous. You are right I think it is the best we have at the moment, but I can certainly feel (as I'm sure along with you) the unresolved mental tension with subscribing an allllllmost perfect theory, which happens to have one thorn of a weakness. You have wise words, saying that we should continue to remain watchful, realizing that though we don't have all of the facts yet, God will progressively reveal the prophetic picture to us. Thank you for the needed reminder to keep my focus on the Lord. It is easy for me to get unhealthily fascinated with the main characters (JS for example), and distract me from Jesus Christ. That is something I have been working on. But all in all, when it all comes true, he will be glorified, because he will be in the right, the only person who knows the future, and who reveals such things to us as they come to pass.

  2. I was recently at a prophecy conference where some one said Satan has always had his antichrist candidate ready in the wings. I think that is bogus and is said so as to support the theory of the imminent return. He went on to say millions of of people could be the potential AC because we all have a tendency to sin. Hogwash Satan needs a superman prepared. Even Alexander the Great was schooled by Aristotle. JS will always have to prove his competency and availability to fulfill the theory and so far he has done so better than anyone else in world history. In the meantime if he says he will put all of energy into getting the EU's military working wjho will deny him the opportunity? Answer no one. He led NATO and helped its expansion. Remember also that most of the uniting of the EU military has already been done by NATO at the expense of the US which spent billions to upgrade and match NATO countries with same caliber weapons. The unification now is more political than machinery. Lastly if while he is helping bring this about should war break out then who will deny him a seat at the table? No one. Then he will have to prove his military genius. Remember there was an article years ago saying a hobby of his was studying military battles. he is now just as suspicious as when Herb Peters followed events. It was disingenuous of Herb Peters to say try not to identify the AC and it is outright immature for Fulfilled prophecy to follow his principles now that he has been dead for 8 years. His daughter long ago dropped the ball in reporting. Constance Cumbey, Farmer, Unsealed Prophecy and Fulfilled prophecy must now all awaken and start reporting on the news on Solana again. Fulfilled Prophecy is remiss in refusing to criticize Obama ( will Europeans be allowed to criticize The AC when he is revealed ? ) Obama is an evil man even though he will be a shadow of what the worst is to come. Remember the AC will have to have millions of evil people helping him work his will. Unsealed prophecy is remiss in refusing to criticize and report on the growing scourge of Sodomy.

    1. Good afternoon Anonymous. Hope you are well.

      Indeed, Javier Solana is becoming very interesting, and I can't help but be very vigilant about the man. Nevertheless, I feel I can't blame others for not jumping on board quickly, because an Antichrist with a career change is a site to behold. Some prophecies are fulfilled in ways we don't expect, but granted are fulfilled in a way better than we expected. It seems in this case this is a genuine weak spot. Though its not a major theological hurdle, since I can't imagine anyone complaining, if he takes office again, that there was a gap in his tenure. Some of the prophecies have been completed, regardless.

      Indeed, I am not sure exactly what JS means by saying he will pour all of his energy into EU defence integration. Some authors say he built CSDP "singlehandedly" (a bit of an exagerration perhaps, but not by much). So probably means finishing what he started. I don't know what is going on in his head, as much as I would like to. I still haven't seen a youtube video with that particular speech in it.

      I understand the desire of some boards to want to respect the President, a'la Romans 13. However, criticism of public figures should never ever be discouraged. I have nothing bad to say about the other watchman sites, though it seems we are struggling to make sense of the events of five years ago, and trying to see which theory makes sense. However, granted, it seems the JS theory is still the best on the market.

      One thing I fear is that there is no mercy for those who misinterpret prophecy. God gives no consolation prizes. If we are right then we can justly say we had "faith." But if we had faith without knowledge, then we will stand twice in shame. That is part of the reason I fear the fact he doesn't hold office. Mere months before the AOD was supposed to happen, Javier stepped down. This should have given me more pause, but it did not. I fear the same should be going on here.

      Nevertheless, the moment he steps up as HR, its a nearly flawless theory. Simply by virtue of holding the office, the man who came up among ten and subdued three kings will be confirming a covenant with Israel for seven years, and a much more robust one at that. (The HR, though involved in enhancing the bilateral ties with nations on the ENP, didn't confirm it for seven years back in 2007. That is my theory on why the 70th week didn't launch back then. The Bible speaks nothing of a man who makes a covenant with many, but one who confirms one for seven years). However, the fact that Javier is involved in the covenant which was confirmed for seven years, and eventually may confirm it, adds a very nice touch of "both/and" prophetic fulfillment. Does he confirm the covenant? Or make it anew? Perhaps both.

      I am keeping a very wary eye on Solana. I googled the number 666 again (perhaps this is ill advised to go too far with that), but I found another very very interesting article that has a very clear 666 in the top. this article I will be blogging about. The similarties between the EU defence ministers meeting and Solana's report are quite striking.

      I appreciate all of your work and watchfulness for the Lord. I have been praying a lot for wisdom (something I should have done more often through my life). I would just hate to get burned again. The waiting is really really wearing and who can blame us for hanging in there.

  3. i would also add that Obama is defacto using the Un security Council to support the Iran boondoggle. He may try the same thing in the Fall ? (with the Ppes help? ) to institute a peace treaty backed by the UN security Council. This was Solana's idea in July 2009. Solana does not need to be seen as the originator of an idea if in truth he was. He would need to be revealed by going into the Temple however. Everything else may remain shadowy and unseen to the lazy or concrete thinker.

  4. It seems most are becoming enamored with the idea of an Islamic AC just in time to turn everyones eyes away from Europe.

    1. I have never been a fan of Islamic AC theory, but the fact that ENP watchers are searching any and every corner for a fulfillment makes me sad because of how much confusion and patience we have had to do so far. "How long Oh Lord?" is what I ask now. Perhaps, technically speaking, the AC could be from a Mediterranean country, he is certainly not Islamic (see Daniel 11 as you know). Furthermore, if one looks at the military conquests in Daniel 11, conveniently absent from all of the battles is mainland Europe. This is likely the case because the Antichrist originates from there, and obviously doesn't attack his own kingdom. In many cases, I see Islamic AC theory as something of a "what's hot right now" because Islamic terrorism is so menacing (though not very powerful from a military standpoint). It's the hot thing in the news so its the hot thing in prophecy. EU stuff is borrrrrring until people start shooting. Part of me says who can blame them. But most of me says that it is a real shame people don't watch Europe more. We have so many of the pieces of the puzzle that people have long waited for, but yet they wait for a completely new beast kingdom, a completely new ten nation alliance, a completely new little horn, completely new three kings, completely new 7 year covenant from somewhere else. This confuses me. I am not saying this to be mean but out of stress and dismay and frustration. It's like the guy who is praying to God for someone to rescue him in a flood, and a guy with a boat comes along, and he says no thanks God will save me. I feel that the EU "boat" is all here, but people wait for yet another boat, when the cruise ship is staring us in the face.

    2. I stand with you. Running here and there all over the prophecy map is counter productive and when used of the devil it is deceptive because a deflection away from the facts the Scripture has laid down. Are there elements that fit and fill in with the Islamic influence happening in the world today? Of course, but it all plays into a Revived Roman Empire's hands. Solana's age actually qualifies him as a seasoned veteran in and of global affairs. Too progressive and long standing to dismiss his contribution to the platform that will seat the coming man of sin. No one has the influence he does. And the facts are still gathering. It will add up soon if people will wait on the Lord to show us how He will lock every detail into place in keeping the word He spoke long ago and we need only trust He can turn on a dime any issue to fulfill what He has spoken. Though it tarry, wait for it. Wise words from God aren't they?

    3. Words of wisdom indeed Anonymous! I was just praying like a day before this post and begging God for a more definitive sign. He has already given us all signs (if we are on the right track), using the number 666 as confirmation of events seeming to correspond to the fulfillment of prophecy. Your words are quite timely. I must learn patience. All in his time, as frustrating as it is...with all the false starts....lack of progress in prophecy etc. But the beat goes on in some ways becoming more and more interesting. Jesus is the cornerstone of prophecy, but the missing "puzzle piece" is Solana's return. This theory we have all been following, will go from "zero to hero" on the internet, virtually overnight if he comes back. Many prophecy websites acknowledge that Javier Solana was a popular favorite (if not a favorite among teachers, then a "grassroots" favorite on the internet). I hope and pray God rewards our patience and trust in him regarding these prophecies. Though I myself have been intermittent in my watchfulness, at one point giving up altogether for two years.

    4. All I know is that the nuts and bolts are there for us and God is doing the building. This has come too far to end up all wrong. Surely with hearts and minds that are willingly surrendered to be taught by the Lord, we are not being led astray. And God is not a "tease"...we just don't know how it all resolves-not just yet. The final pieces could already be within what we have followed all this time, waiting for reveal or they could be in the making from a direction we cannot possibly have seen because this is not our plan to begin with since it is of infinity and we are finite. Isn't it awesome how God knows how to grab a headline even out of negative press because everything -even evil- is a mere tool in His hand? I believe God always holds a "wild card" so we don't think to highly of ourselves in trying to figure things out and tempted to stop walking by faith in prophecy just as in all the rest of our walk by faith and not by sight. I always liked hearing Paul Harvey's "the rest of the story". Honestly, God reserves the right to tell this story His way and knowing Him, He will unfold it so beautifully that we can only bow to His sovereignty and power to go beyond all that we ask or think. If Solana is the missing piece it will be amazing that he recovers from all of the obstacles that look to be blocking his path. So, however God does this it will be amazing that it will be Him moving heaven and earth to make it happen yet will look like it was done with complete ease and utterly precise. And we will know what and when, with some great hints and helps along the way, as we already can attest. When it is all before us it will be because we expected "great things that we know not of" from the Lord.

    5. My apologies for the very delayed reply. However, I must say these are very wise words indeed. It is so hard to trust sometimes. Even with all that is going on now with Solana and EU defence, I have this fear that we will be "hung out to dry." But another part of me wonders, that if it all happens, its as if God would say, why did we doubt? Indeed, everything is a tool in his hand. And you have some very wise words about walking by faith, though I certainly fall very short of this in some, perhaps many, areas of my life. But one thing I have noticed, that is in line with what you are saying, is fulfillments of prophecy tend to be very elegantly executed. Sometimes fulfillments seem to turn out to be "both/and" instead of "which" or "or." Case and point being the ENP. I haven't posted about this too much yet, but Solana seems to be putting forward embryonic ideas about putting CSDP in the ENP toolbox, especially for maintaining stability through military means in the MENA region. It does not take long to see through the Eurocrats and their mumbo-jumbo. He wants the seven year covenant to have within it the tools to provide military security for the Mediterranean countries. So perhaps those who said it would be a "peace treaty" weren't horribly off track. More of a "both/and" situation in the making. Wise words you have! I must take them to heart.

  5. It seems difficult to revisit the possibility of JS as the AC with epople in ones personal life. They were able to gently mock the apparent failure of the theory in 2010-2012. Few will be open to going back. It would seem JS has been effectively hidden again (assuming he is the AC).

    1. As another person told me, with all these events, how could we possibly be wrong that we aren't at least, generally, on track. Though i will cautiously add that our interpretation of said events is very fallible (for example, mid 2010 and the apparent failure). If solana comes back, its a near perfect theory. However, I find it quite disconcerting when Christians mock others on these things. Some do it openly. This is a shameful thing, though they don't answer to me, but to God.

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  7. There is a crown for all of those who love His appearing.