Monday, April 13, 2015

Quick Update: Solana to Meet with Iran FM

Quick update on a few things:

First things first:

1) Javier Solana is meeting with the Iranian Foreign minister tomorrow over breakfast in Madrid. He met with Zarif back in 2013 as well. I don't know if its the sign of something more or not.  But....just so you know. ESADE business school has been tweeting about it. Most of the articles detailing this are in Spanish. 

Tweet from ESADE:

2) You can now access this website at "" There is no need to put the ".blogspot" in there anymore.

3) If you speak Dutch (or even if you don't speak Dutch), go to Mathieu's website He is very kind and often translates the articles here. Great website. Check it out. 


  1. he is the most trusted by the iranians and they ain't no dummies....they know who holds the reins.


    Very Interesting. Money from Russia or China would have strings attatched such as a military base.
    Sounds like a little horn asking to be uprooted. I suspect that the leadership of Greece will be Loretta Fuddied. I would not fly in any airplane with them.