Saturday, June 27, 2015

EUCO Debrief

Impetus Towards EU Army

As you know, I have been tracking the "ramp up" and proceedings of the EU's June 2015 Council on "Security and Defence." There has been a huge push for the integration of EU armed forces, into something the EU Commission president calls an "European army." Some think tanks were making some pushes for some rather large decisions to be made at the June European Council on Security and Defence. The European Parliament, the interparliamentary council, talked big. On many fronts, there was a big push for defence cooperation. 

And of course, Dr. Javier Solana chaired a task force recommending the EU create a "European Defence Union." Solana's group of eminent person's have had a few meetings since a year and a half ago. Solana's plan was to strongly encourage the creation of a European Defence Union, at the 2015 security and defence meeting. It seems the EU is devoting a European Council (EUCO) meeting to security and defence every two years, starting in 2013. This was the next meeting after that. So Solana and his crew published his Wall Street Journal op-ed, and released his report. Furthermore, Solana has admitted to going on a "roadshow" to many capitals of EU member states to push for a European Defence Union. He even came to the United States. After all, at his original presentation of the report in Brussels in March, he pledged that he will put all of the energies that he has left into defence integration. He has clearly been hard at work.

Even right before the June EUCO on defence and security, he was interviewed by Euractiv on a "Wake up call for a European Defence Union." Germany seemed on board with the "European Defence Union" and so did ALDE group in European parliament, who plagiarized the term, issuing their own report, which almost had the same recommendations as the Solana paper. 

This whole time, Jean Claude Juncker, EU Commission president, has more than once called for a "European army" to stand up to Putin. Even secular bloggers think the Solana report was coordinated with the Juncker announcement. He called for an EU army at least twice, and one of his spokespersons reiterated support. Finally, the night before the EUCO, the Commission VP, Timmermans, said that the EU regarded an EU army as a long term objective, as well as the preservation of the Euro. So it's certainly not just Solana who wants an EU army of sorts.

I have been putting a lot of emotional energy into anticipating the EUCO on Defence and Security, due to Solana's apparent interest in influencing policy. Maybe...just maybe this time...we would not feel so lost in the dark as far as prophecy is concerned. Especially since the 666 was floating around again...

So what was the outcome of the huge meeting on defence and security?

The Meeting that Never Was

The meeting was so catastrophically lackluster I won't even bother to post their conclusions here. I won't give the EU the credibility by acknowledging them, the conclusions were so absolutely pitiful. In their big meeting on "defence and security" one item they touched on relatively little was "defence and security." Much what they said/aspired to was largely already public information for months prior to the meeting.

 I am not a huge fan of an EU army concept, especially if its not accountable to the electorate. But if they are gonna hype it like that, they had at least better follow through with something. If they are going to talk big, they have to back it up. It reminds me of that old "The Office" episode, where the boss hypes a big "surprise" for all his colleagues, but the big surprise ends up being ice cream sandwiches. Except in this case, there was no ice cream sandwich.

If you want some mildly interesting EU conclusions on defence, here are the May 18 defence ministers conclusions on CSDP

The meeting agenda, in the weeks before, was gradually upstaged by migration, and the word "defence" was scrubbed from the agenda. Talks covered Greece, then migrant quotas.

And don't get me started on the "new European Security Strategy." It will be presented....a year from now. Mogherini called for the revision of the European Security Strategy. She implied that Solana's '03 strategy was good for its time, but outdated. She acted like some of the details of the new ESS would be at this June meeting. Everyone started calling for its revision. But gradually (at least in my opinion), it went from "will present some initial ideas on ESS" to "Mogherini will be tasked with the creation of the new ESS."

How long does it take to write the European Security Strategy!?!?!? I want to say that Solana wrote his in the amount of time Mogherini called for a new one. Granted, his was simple and formatted somewhat like a college essay, but it was widely celebrated. 

Don't I sound frustrated? 

BUT....the fact I am mad has an important point to show for prophecy.

Who else do you think is royally infuriated the EU did absolutely nothing at all!??!?!?

Solana Must Be Furious!

I can't imagine how mad Solana must be! After all, I may be annoyed for other reasons, but then again I didn't put a year and a half of working and traveling to prepare for it, only for them not to discuss my ideas. This is exactly what happened to Solana, who has dedicated 14 years of his life to European defence (both in NATO and the EU). Very few of his ideas got any air time at all, and most of them were so generic that they weren't exclusively his idea (i.e. increase defence spending in Europe).

In one of his meetings before the June EUCO, he called for a debate on European defence, and said his new favorite phrase "If not now, then when?" If they aren't going to build an integrated military now, then will they ever? Solana is not getting any younger, he will be having a birthday soon. 

Emotionally speaking, if a human is put into the situation Solana is put in, they have three choices:
  1. Get mad and just give up
  2. Wait around for another opportune time, then try again
  3. Get mad, and try even harder.
#2 even Solana admits is not an option. After all, he has said "if not now, then when?" He is also not getting any younger. He has also pledged to give his remaining energies to pushing forward defence integration, going on a big road show to push his ideas. I don't think he's going to take a big break because they didn't do what he wanted. If anything, he'll do the opposite. 

#1 is unlike him, or unlike anyone at his level of personal achievement. He seems pretty invested in the project. He doesn't talk like a person who is just going to stop and give up.

So that leaves us with #3. Get frustrated and try even harder. If you were him, you would be mad too. So it's not slanderous to assume he's frustrated and going to try all the harder.


Hopefully, I didn't show too much anger or frustration in this post. But as you all know, prophecy watching has the capacity to be very hard on the emotions. It's an emotional roller coaster, that instead of lasting a few minutes, lasts several years. For some of you, it has been a much longer wait than I have waited.

Watching gay marriage get ratified in all 50 states, the exact same day the EU had their non-meeting on "security and defence" was admittedly somewhat demoralizing. 

I go to a verse:
19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19-20
I realize this was said in context of church discipline, but it seems to apply generally to prayer as a whole. In some sense, we have already done this, since we all have prayed for wisdom on prophecy. 

But we have really been sitting in a dark room 5 years now. The best prophecy theory of all time ever seems to be foiled in its original form, and went to a watered down form. But against all odds, gives glimmers of hope 5 years later, only to fizzle slightly for the moment. I admit I have had some sinful thoughts in the past days, as if God owes me/us something. So I don't want to do this in a spirit of that. 

But...if you all agree...I think we should in some sense, corporately pray that God give us clarity on prophecy and what is happening around us. We seemed to have had clarity before, only to be shot down. 

That is..... if you all agree we should pray this. (If it's an inappropriate request, then you readers should object). I know we have prayed for wisdom before, but I am personally pray for clarity on this subject, as to why it seemed to fail back then, showing glimmers of hope again. May God grant us mercy and clarity on matters of prophecy, that used to seem so clear, but seem so dark now.

Dear God, please give us clarity, because we feel like we have been crawling around in the dark, with feelings of disappointment, for years as far as prophecy is concerned. Please take away the darkness from our eyes, give us insight to see. And may you be honored in the process. Amen.


  1. I'm praying for you and your ministry. Because you have worked so hard dealing with this issue, I will also pray that God gives you peace.

    Your brother in Christ,


    1. Thank you for your prayers Baldy. They are very much appreciated. I will pray for you as well.

      Peace is one of the fruits of the Spirit. I haven't expressed that as much as I should have in this blogpost (and in my life).

      Great to hear from you as always brother Baldy.


  2. yes, our brother baldy is a great encourager who is faithful to watch as Jesus told us to do. agreeing with him that your diligence is a blessing-great help to fellow watchers and for you as well as myself and all watching, i pray for Knowledge,Wisdom, and Patience and accompanying Peace. very much, very quickly now, is coming to fruition in these days we are living. may the LORD be honored in all we do. amen.

    1. Indeed. Brother Baldy is a faithful watcher and encourager as you are as well!. I concur with your prayer for knowledge, wisdom, patience and peace. Patience has not been my strong suit. Blessings to you and yours! also thank you for the kind words. Furthermore, I agree in that God be honored in everything we do.

      Oh and P.S. Thanks for adding me back on Facebook!

  3. Thanks Andrea', for your very kind words. When I have viewed the way that David has put a lot of hard work and research into his studies - I am very thankful that God has Sovereignly place His people in places and positions to share the Good News of His Kingdom, which is very soon to come.
    This diligent work that David has done has certainly not gone unrecognized, as I am sure that there are those who visit this site, but just don't comment. As for we that do visit, and/or leave comments - we have to all have patience. Jesus is preparing His Church and the Warriors that will accompany Him at His Return.
    I believe that the event that David is uncovering will soon come to fruition - and I'm very sad to mention this, but most are just completely oblivious to the events that will lead up to the coming World Dictator.
    Right, Wrong, or Indifferent about Javier Solana - David you have done a magnificent job! I'm a very firm believer that there are no such things as coincidences, and there is just way too much evidence to jettison the very valuable research that you have done overboard. So Please don't ever give up......

    My Prayers will continue to be with you and your Ministry. God Bless!


    1. Baldy, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. They mean a lot. Also, it is very kind of you to refer to my blog as a ministry, when in fact I am just a guy with a blog watching and waiting with all of you, who have been watching and waiting much much longer than I have.

      You are absolutely correct. We must wait for the Lord's return with patience. It is weird. The day after I posted this blog post, this verse came up as the verse of the day for

      9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

      Evidently, we are not the first who have felt a strong desire and pain at the fact that Jesus has not returned. It seems that critics of Christianity are quick to point out the judgmental acts of God in the Old Testament, forgetting that God waited for centuries at times, to exact any judgment. Indeed, he is (almost) "Patient to a fault" as I heard one person say.

      As the days become darker in the United States, God's patience will seem to us (at least to me) a "fault" of his. But we know God is perfect and makes no mistakes. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your prayers.

      I will be praying for you both as well!

  4. Henry Kissinger once commented that should the EU ever move towards deep integration it would occur under the table with many hidden agreements.
    I would say that the uprooting of the three horns spoken of in the book of Daniel are the type of events which will most likely require subterfuge and conspiracy. Solana may have the right connections to be part of such maneuvers. In the end a crisis is needed to justify such deceit. All we can do is watch but I personally do not think the uprooting will be seen in the organizational charts of the EU. The agreements will be secret and we will instead see the fruits and have to extrapolate to the process. Greece does not wish to lose sovereignty to the EU and if this is to occur probably there will be military coup disguised as best as is possible. Horns represent military power in prophetic allegory ?

  5. What rough beast Slouches toward Bethlehem to be born ?
    Greece ......pawn to Queen 2.