Tuesday, July 7, 2015

EU Prophecy News X-Files

Hello everyone.

I first want to say thank you all very much for your comments. If I haven't replied to yours yet, I will do so soon. I really like to hear what everyone has to say.

There is some information I would like to to share with my audience. But I don't want it Google searchable or discoverable without the link. Why is this? Some of you may recall that I emailed the WEU five years ago, requesting information. Once they discovered that I was sharing the emails with a prophecy site, they stopped being willing to cooperate.

I am in a vaguely similar (though not exactly the same) situation. I have no plans to do anything unethical or illegal. But I really would like to share some things I know that I'm sure many of you would like to know, without needlessly ruffling someone's feathers about it. I still want all of my readers to be able to access the information.

I have mulled over what to do about this. I tried to make a new blog, and password protect that blog. But that would require you all getting the password. It is unlikely that any one will discover the posts, so I have opted away from the password protected site, but only having a sister site, called "EU prophecy news X files" (silly name I know). I have made the settings so the posts are not indexed by Google. If there is something I would post that I really really don't want anyone to find, I'll type the text of it, then post an image of it.

This website you are on right now, will absolutely remain the main website. But I plan to hyperlink over to the non-indexed site whenever there is a semi-sensitive post. I will post the link in a blog post without much fanfare or description. And potentially, I will remove the link to it after a few days. So perhaps bookmark the link. I will bury the link in this website as well, but not in a terribly obvious location. And of course, if you want the link back, you can always comment, and I'll make it live again.

Sorry this is such a hassle, but there is some stuff I would just like to share. I think it would also be fine to retweet on Twitter (if you desire), especially if the live link goes down after while. But of course, no obligation to retweet. Just no reason to hold back.

This will certainly not deter a determined visitor from finding the other site, nor will it stop the NSA, the government, hackers, etc. I just don't want to cause needless annoyance or unnecessary explaining to do to secular audiences.

So without further ado, I introduce to you the first hyperlink, Memo 001. 

This particular hyperlink will be deactivated in a few days. I still want you all to be able to access it, so I will archive it somewhere on this site that is kind of counterintuitive.


  1. We are at that point that whatever will be will be. Age and momentum are now such that I doubt Solana can remain out of the EU's center for much longer and not lose traction so to speak. Right now he still knows all of the active leaders, retired leaders and he trained many of those career EU leaders emerging and coming up. He is at the apex of his career and influence if a reboot is to occur. If it does not occur soon then he is not "the man ". I remain suspicious he is however and am pleased you remain watchful. Prophecy sites as a whole still refuse to address the issue of an emerging AC. I guess there is nothing we can do about it but remain able to present the proper information if JS becomes ever more suspicious.
    Reading hgis articles on every topic of importance in world politics speaks however of a man still vital and desiring to be given a chance to act and to lead. I think he wants to be the leader for once in his career. He has so far alwys had to report to someone else. He has never been the Prime Minister.

    1. Good to hear from you Anonymous. I completely agree that if Solana were to wait another four years to be high representative he would get "stale" and lose his contacts and political credibility. We can already see their behavior in this regard, with the disappointing EU summit. Now, discussions are dominated by Greece, which is hampering them from their more idealistic goals, namely defence integration.

      That is why I am anxious for the Greek crisis to be "over." Of course, it will never be over because of the flawed way the Eurozone is constructed. But at least, put on hold enough that the EU army comes back to the forefront. Solana got pretty quiet about defence after the EU summit two weeks ago, because they were all bogged down by Greece. Anything he says now will likely be upstaged by that.

      I wonder how quickly he will get back to things once it is over? He keeps saying "if not now, then when?" with respect to Eu defence integration. He is turning 73 on tuesday after all, so even from his personal standpoint, he hasn't much time left. But of course, there are lots of long dry spells of his activity on twitter (for example, the 5 year mostly dry spell!). So its hard to say.

      I appreciate your comments and insights as always.

    2. Oh and PS. I don't know what position he will take in the meantime, but I would not be surprised if he takes on the HR position in time for the next 7 year rotation. After all, the 7 year covenant and CSDP are both attached to that office. What do you think?

  2. For the sake of discussion... Lets assume JS IS the AC... No one in religion is willing to listen to even the proposal. Just try it..I have. No one will listen if they represent a current sizable ministry. I suggest anyone who comes to this site try to present the case to some ministry. It is an experience and education in what it is to be perceived as a crackpot. I am becoming concerned no one will pay attention to this theory because it has occurred over so many years. Also to those who are not paying attention they think JS is still retired. Never the less I (we) remain suspicious. I am even suspicious it was JS who brought about the Madrid Peace Talks of 1991. A year later when the then serving Minister of Foreign Affairs for Spain died of cancer JS was appointed in his place. That does not occur without people already seeing that you have ability. Prior to Madrid no one but the US and its leaders were ever involved in peace discussions between Palestinians and Israel.
    It has taken twenty years for Europe to become a solid player in the area. Does anyone have any material linking JS to the Madrid Peace talks? It was prior to the internet achieving wide acceptance.

    1. I agree with you anonymous. It seems this movement has been very "grassroots" even when he was the leading AC contender on the internet (in the 07-08 time frame). I did talk to our founding pastor of our church, which is not a small church. He seemed to think that many prophecy were speculative but "this one had substance." The reason he wasn't "sold" on it was because he was waiting for the EU to make a security agreement with Israel. I also made some noise in my college ministry. Some found it quite fascinating, others chuckled at us.

      You are right. It would take a lot of convincing to get a formal ministry on board. They don't want to be perceived as "crazies" or date setters. Weirdly enough, I personally like the feeling that I am part of something that some may consider "radical." However, I don't like it so much when I am facing criticism for it, which is very unpleasant. I know you have made quite great efforts to share this with ministries, which I must say is very commendable and must take quite the emotional toll.

      I will see if I can find anything on JS and the Madrid Peace talks, that is some interesting info to know right there. I myself feel, probably inordinate, stress from Javier's supposed absence from the world stage. Both myself and a friend from college feel "nostalgia" to that exciting and electrifying expectation of Christ's return we had back at the original ENPI theory. As you are well aware, this kind of loss is pretty big for all of us to recover from. (Of course, we are all perfectly well functioning human beings, but you and I and many of the website visitors will never forget the pain when the theory "failed.")

      Will he return? Hopefully soon. The feeling that geopolitical upheaval, the end times, and Jesus himself are just around the corner is an extraordinarily addicting feeling, probably by design.

      What are your thoughts?