Saturday, January 21, 2017

666: Watchful Waiting

EP President Tajani (1)

The election of center-left Antonio Tajani (EPP) as European Parliament president has upset the balance of power in Brussels. Now, the European People’s Party (EPP) holds the top three jobs in the EU, except for the EU High Representative Mogherini (S&D), who is a socialist. Such an upset could force Council President Tusk (EPP) or Commission President Juncker (EPP) from office by summer time, should the socialists demand one of those posts.


As of now, it looks like Council President Tusk (EPP) will keep his job, even though his once renewable 2.5 year term ends in June. It is more likely that scandal ridden Commission President Juncker (EPP) would step down. EU High Representative Mogherini (S&D) is one of the potential replacements for the scandal ridden Juncker*, should he succumb to recurring calls for his resignation. This would please those who routinely make the forceful call for more women in upper leadership positions when the candidates for the top jobs are chosen. Furthermore, it would give a nice consolation prize to the socialists by giving the most powerful EU post to one of their own. This speculative, but very possible, scenario would leave a critical vacancy open for the EU High Representative position.

Former EU High Representative Solana (S&D), a socialist, is taking a very acute interest in the EU’s foreign policy affairs, especially in the domain of defense and security. After serving for ten years (1999-2009), he stepped down. He mainly engaged in academic pursuits until 2 years ago, when he started actively using his influence to push for more military unity in the EU. This has taken the shape of chairing a report to advise the current High Representative, and assisting European Parliament in making a White Book on security and defense.  He even went on tour through various European capitals, advocating his plan for a “European Defence Union.”


Ever since his report in March 2015, the term on “European Defence Union” has come into widespread use. Now EU leadership have agreed to a modest three pillar plan to strengthen European defense, that Solana says does not go far enough. This has been further rushed into place due to the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President, who has called the military alliance between the U.S. and Europe “obsolete", and has said that Brexit would be a great thing.

It is very likely Solana desires to return to EU politics, showing leadership in an area where he had long tried to unite the EU, but had been prevented from doing so. On 06/16/16 he presented to a European Parliament committee on security and defense on how to make a grand strategy for EU defense. He provided an 80 page report on how to build an EU defense “WhiteBook.”


MEP Urmas Paet has taken up the torch to continue pushing for a European Defence Union within European Parliament. His report on European Defence Union (which was very likely strongly influenced by Solana) was eventually ratified by the European Parliament. Paet desires to set up a special commissioner for defence and security, to lighten the load on the current EU High Representative.

Solana is the best Antichrist candidate in world history, as far as specific prophecies are concerned. Therefore, it is likely that Solana will become EU High Representative once again, or be given a newly created “Defence Commissioner” post. Most in politics largely believed Solana was “retiring,” when he stepped down in 2009. This will likely prove to be false in the coming months, as EU top jobs are set to reshuffle.

Interestingly, the new report ratified by the European Parliament intends to have the European Defence Union framed around the next "Multi-annual Financial Framework." This is a fancy way of saying the EU's budget, the 7-year period from 2021-2028. Urmas Paet mentions this in an interview with the European Defence Agency as well:
"The next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) should reflect the new defence cooperation" 
...and the European Parliament report on European Defence Union
European Defence Union
1. Recalls that to ensure its long-term security, Europe needs political will and determination underpinned by a broad set of relevant policy instruments, including strong and modern military capabilities; encourages the European Council to lead the progressive framing of a common Union defence policy and to provide additional financial resources to ensure its implementation, with a view to its establishment under the next multiannual political and financial framework of the EU (MFF);

I don’t know when Solana will come back. But Solana has numerous 666 connections, and they seemed to be tagged onto important points along the way. The final sentence of a Carnegie Europe article called “Watchful Waiting for European Security” encapsulates the mood for 2017:
"As Europe enters 2017, watchful waiting continues. But for how long?"

Peace be to you all. Come Lord Jesus. 

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1) Antonio Tajani
2) EU Power structure
3) Javier Solana
4) White book

*Another article, probably from Reuters, states that Mogherini and Katainen are possible Juncker successors. Nevertheless, I cannot find the link at the moment.