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Antichrist: The King of Defense Spending

Daniel 11:38 ESV
"He shall honor the god of fortresses instead of these. A god whom his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts." -Daniel 11:38; ESV 
The Bible says the Antichrist honors a "god of fortresses" with "precious stones and costly gifts. "Since the passage in context just got done telling us that the Antichrist has no god besides himself, many theologians see this "god of fortresses" as a metaphor for military strength.
“In place of normal affection, he will place a perverted worship of military power, he'll worship power.” - Pastor and Theologian John MacArthur
“...he will worship only the power to make war and gain victory…” - John Walvoord, former President, Dallas Theological Seminary
King of Defense Spending

More specifically, "fortresses" are better at defending than attacking, so his god is not just military power, but specifically military defense. He honors this god with "precious stones and costly gifts", which is essentially money. Therefore, the Antichrist will be very keen on defense spending.

Overall, the Antichrist will be a "king" (politician) who funnels massive amounts of money into defense spending. Below, see the trajectory of Solana's career and EU programs that may very well lead to this outcome.

FEB. 2015 - Solana Chairs Report on Building EU Defense Union
Javier Solana chaired a think tank committee that produced a report on how to build a "European Defence Union." In addition to the Economic and Monetary Union (eurozone), they argued that the EU needs its own defense pillar, with it's own chairperson. To build this defense pillar, they advocated the activation of the PESCO mechanism in the EU Treaties. PESCO is an instrument by which various member states commit to more on military capacity development, as well as commit to more EU troop deployment. 

MAR. 2015 - Solana Presents Report on Defense Union
Solana presents report on European Defence Union in Brussels. When presenting his report, he stated he will devote the rest of his life to building an EU military union. He said, “"I will put all of the energies that I have left to push forward this process." Here, he states his intention to devote the rest of his life to building an EU military union.

JUN. - DEC. 2015 - Solana Goes on Tour Presenting EU Defense Report
Solana was so passionate about his EU defense plan that he and/or other Task Force members went on tour through various European capital cities, trying to convince people of these ideas. The locations on their tour included: Riga, London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Berlin, Bucharest, Prague, and Washington D.C.

APR. 2016 - Solana Writes Research Study for EU Parliament on EU Defense Union
Javier Solana (among others) proposed in a 2016 research study that PESCO be the main instrument by which the EU forms a military union. Ever since he used this term, it has been widely used in discussions of EU military integration. In this research study, he also recommended that PESCO be a new "institution" of the European Union. This document also elucidates a possible organizational structure of an EU defense Union. 
JUN. 2016 - Solana Presents to EU Parliament on How to Build EU Defense Union
On 06/16/16, Javier Solana presented his EU defense research study to the European Parliament. He had been asked by the European Parliament to draft a very large research paper for them, advising them on how to construct an EU military union. His presentation impressed MEP's. His report largely focused on how the EU could use PESCO mechanism in the Treaty to achieve a European Defence Union. (see below for more info on PESCO).
NOV. 2016 - EU Commission Proposes European Defense Fund (666)
The European Commission proposes a new European Defense Fund (see 666 connections here). This fund has two sections. One is a 7-year military research program. This finances new military research projects. The second section, the "capability window" is a special EU subsidy designed to encourage the joint purchase and acquisition of military equipment by multiple member states. It is meant to foster European defense integration from the bottom up. 
DEC. 2016 - Solana Op-Ed Criticizes EU Defense Plan as Inadequate
Solana criticizes the EU's new defense plan as not good enough. Among other criticisms, he states that the plan doesn't provide enough money to "turbo-boost" military defense spending in Europe. In addition to this, he stated that the plan wasn't the "big-bang" that was needed to create a "military-industrial complex" in Europe.
JUN. 2017 - EU Launches New Defense Fund
At the June European Council, EU leaders formally agree to launch the European Defense Fund. Nevertheless, details on which projects they will pursue, as well as governance, have still yet to be determined.
Nov. 13, 2017 - EU Defense Ministers Sign PESCO Notification
In a stunning show of unity, 23 European countries have notified the European Union of their intention to join what is akin to a "military eurozone." The agreement, called "Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)" involves a list of over 20 commitments each country intends to do to jointly develop military hardware and integrate their military forces. The intention is for the European Defence Fund to help finance PESCO projects.
Dec. 12, 2017 - Solana & Current High Representative Talk EU Defense
Javier Solana and the current High Representative, Federica Mogherini, discussed the past and future of EU defense. This was an event organized by the EU Institute for Security Studies in conjunction with the EU's foreign service, the EEAS. 
Dec. 15-16, 2017 - EU Heads of State & Government Formally Launch PESCO
EU Leaders formally launch PESCO.  This is an instrument by which various member states commit to more on military capacity development, as well as commit to more EU troop deployment. It would be a transfer of sovereignty in the area of defense. Furthermore, with PESCO, military decisions are made unanimously. In addition, participation in PESCO is completely voluntary, with no nation forced to participate. Finally, the EU wants to use PESCO to form its "common security & defence policy" (read: "common purpose") in defense. They state it is an opportunity for "like-minded" member states to do military projects together. See the significance of the bold words in this other article.


1ST QUARTER, 2018 - European Defense Fund Signed into Law

JAN 2019 - First Projects of EU Defense Fund Begin

Implications If True

Javier Solana will be appointed to an EU position over the European Defense Fund and possibly PESCO as well. There are a few options on what this could look like:

  1. Informal chairperson of the defense ministers Council meetings in PESCO format. (ASAP)
  2. Program manager of the European Defense Fund (ASAP)
  3. Chair of the Coordination Board of the European Defense Fund (ASAP)
  4. EU Defense Commissioner (possibly by end of 2019)
  5. VP of EU defense and security commissioners (possibly by end of 2019)

This website maintains that Javier Solana is by far, the best Antichrist candidate in world history. As a result, a major test (or re-test) of this theory is the appointment of Javier Solana to an EU position related to defense integration, after 8 years of not holding an EU post. He "retired" from his EU post in 2009, and is now 75 years old at the time of writing. An unexpected return would be a major authentication of the ideas proposed on this website and by others in the past

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