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Revelation 13: A Military and Monetary Pillar

Revelation 13 describes two beasts. One is from the sea (the Antichrist) and the other is from the earth (False Prophet). The Antichrist starts off as a military leader (Daniel 11:36-45) who goes on to achieve world domination (Revelation 13). The False Prophet supports the Antichrist by forcing the whole world to worship the Antichrist. The false prophet also sets up a money system with the mark of the beast. So here, we see one of the beasts is a military power and the other is a monetary power. One guy controls the guns. The other guy controls the money.

False Prophet
  • Daniel 11:36-45
  • Military Leader
  • World Domination
  • Revelation 13:1-10
  • Revelation 13:11-18
  • Forces image worship
  • Mark of the beast money system

Below is a timeline of the development of the EU, particularly it's leadership in the military and monetary pillar. 


1995 - Western European Union Becomes 10 Member States
The addition of Greece makes the Western European Union military alliance ten-member states. It remained at ten until its dissolution in light of the Treaty of Lisbon (see below). This alliance was a separate organization from the EU, but worked closely with it. The EU agreed to use the Western European Union as its “defence component."
1999 - Cologne European Council Achieves the Following Outcomes:
  • High Representative Solana appointed.
  • Led to creation of Political and Security Committee 
  • EU decides to take on autonomous crisis management tasks
  • Decision to set up EU Military Committee
  • Decision to set up EU military staff
  • Around this time, the Western European Union agreed to transfer its military capacities to the EU.
JUN. 2000 - Recommendation 666
Proposes Solana preside over the new body (PSC) that determines the “political control and strategic direction” of military crisis management operations. The Western European Union had transferred their military capacities to the PSC. 
JAN. 2001 - Recommendation 666 Implemented 
Decision proposed by Recommendation 666 is implemented. A Political and Security Committee is set up, which the EU High Representative Solana can chair in the event of an emergency. The EU's PSC directs existing military and civilian crisis management operations.
MAR 2010 - WEU Dissolves Into Common Security & Defence Policy
WEU dissolves itself, in light of the new Treaty of Lisbon, and the Common Security and Defence Policy. Mutual assistance pact in Treaty of Lisbon, similar to Article V of WEU Treaty, causes members to dissolve organization. 
JUN. 2017 - European Defense Fund Launched (666)
The European Commission proposes a new European Defense Fund (see 666 connections here). This fund has two sections. One is a 7-year military research program. This finances new military research projects. The second section, the "capability window" is a special EU subsidy designed to encourage the joint purchase and acquisition of military equipment by multiple member states. It is meant to foster European defense integration from the bottom up. 
Nov. 13, 2017 - EU Defense Ministers Sign PESCO Notification
In a stunning show of unity, 23 European countries have notified the European Union of their intention to join what is akin to a "military eurozone." The agreement, called "Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)" involves a list of over 20 commitments each country intends to do to jointly develop military hardware and integrate their military forces. The intention is for the European Defence Fund to help finance PESCO projects.
DEC 15-16, 2017 - Formal Launch of PESCO

EU Leaders expected to formally launch PESCO.  This is an instrument by which various member states commit to more on military capacity development, as well as commit to more EU troop deployment. It would be a transfer of sovereignty in the area of defense. Furthermore, with PESCO, military decisions are made unanimously. In addition, participation in PESCO is completely voluntary, with no nation forced to participate. Finally, the EU wants to use PESCO to form its "common security & defence policy" (read: "common purpose") in defense. They state it is an opportunity for "like-minded" member states to do military projects together. See the significance of the bold words in this other article.



JAN. 1999 - The Eurozone is Born
The Euro is officially launched for use as a currency throughout the first Eurozone states. This is the beginning of the EU's monetary union.
OCT. 2004 - Eurogroup elects first semi-permanent President
An informal group of finance ministers, called the Eurogroup, discuss financial matters of the euro. For the first time, they elect a semi-permanent President. 
OCT. 2012 - European Stability Mechanism Set Up
In light of the eurozone crisis, many EU members set up European Stability Mechanism, which is a loan bailout fund for countries struggling due to sovereign debt. This vastly increases the power of the Eurogroup and the Eurogroup president, since member states must meet strict criteria in order to become eligible for debt relief through this loan program.
MAY 2017 - Commission Calls to Merge Eurogroup President & EMU Commissioner 
To streamline EU decision-making, the EU Commission recommends merging the positions of Eurogroup President and the Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner. This new position would be a de facto (or de jure) Eurozone finance minister position.
AUG. 2017 - Merkel Backs French President Macron's Eurozone Finance Minister Proposal
New French President, Emmanuel Macron, pushes German Chancellor Merkel for various Eurozone reforms. These include a Eurozone Finance Minister, and Eurozone budget, among other things. Merkel shows initial openness to Eurozone Finance Minister idea, as well as upgrading the European Stability Mechanism to a European Monetary Fund.

JUN 28-29, 2018 - "Concrete Decisions" on Eurozone Reform

Implications If True

If this is true, we should expect to see a major leader emerging in the military domain, as well as the monetary domain. On the defense side, this could take the shape of an EU defense commissioner or an informal chair of PESCO meetings, similar to how the Eurogroup is set up. According to this website, this person will be Javier Solana. On the monetary side, the eurozone finance minister could eventually be the False Prophet.

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