Friday, December 15, 2017

Poem: A Man in Labor

For those of us who watch prophecy, it is not merely some kind of esoteric or abstract pursuit (although that is involved). For those of us who wait for the return of Christ, it is a deeply personal matter. It is filled with hope, excitement, plenty of anxiety, disappointment, fear, etc.

Waiting for Solana to come back (or Jesus to come back, for that matter), is the same way. I myself have a lot of nostalgia to college in 2009, when I tried to share with all my friends the news that Solana was the Antichrist and that Jesus is coming soon. I long for the days when it was all so sure, and Jesus was just around the corner. 

As many of you did, I followed the "ENP theory" until the end, until mid-2010, the halfway point of the EU's brand new 7-year treaty. When Solana retired and did not return for the midpoint, it was very discouraging for us all. I abandoned the idea that he was the Antichrist for a few years, though many of you brave souls, who had watched much longer than I had, hung in there. I knew, as we all did, that something was "up" with the EU, but wasn't sure what. 

Then came March 2015, when Solana said he would devote the rest of his energy to EU defense integration. Maybe, after all, God's word was true. And every man a liar, especially me. Maybe he is the Antichrist after all. 

We've been mistaken before. This is a very discouraging and troubling journey. So as we move towards the creation of the EU's new defense fund, and Solana's potential comeback, I wrote a poem that is on my heart. I share it because I feel all of us, in some way or another, feel the same. 

A Man in Labor

A poem by David Wilkinson

Heaving heavy pain with my longing tears
Giving birth the fruit of my fateful fears
Here I am a man in painful labor
Imploring God for some lasting favor

Weeping water from deep caverns of heart
Anxiously waiting for it all to start
Straining to vomit an aching longing
I nauseously await the appalling

Here I find what it means to have my name
A long trajectory reaching my aim
Becoming what I have always desired
Morphing into that which I was wired

At last I console the man of my past
Years of yearning did not go by too fast
Today we reconcile with days gone by
We fear that it again will go awry

Roaring tear-filled yearning as one in love
This Song forever plays high up above
Visceral, cold railroad spike in the soul
There is nothing here that can make me full

Waiting here for heavenly stars to fall
Pining for one who doesn’t come at all
Though a different key yet the same tune
This romantic song plays beyond the moon

Within my heart wells up wildest of hope
With the most daunting dreams I will elope
Into the starry future I will roam
The calling voice of the Forever Home

Get up you older man and walk outside!
Prepare you young man to gaze horrified!
Anxiously nauseous, ready to vomit
Your spirit will find no easy respite

I stand appalled at this desolation
Shocked at this walking abomination
Yucky, gross, and truly genocidal
Behold, outside a disgusting idol

Everyone mocks me as I lay in tears
Is this what you said would allay our fears?
Altar covered with the blood of a pig
This ghastly man our graves will surely dig!

Alas the last mile is in front of me
Sprinting towards everlasting glory
Glaring, blazing floodlights cover the track
There is no return, I cannot go back

Just beyond here lies the fork in the road
This or that way, I cannot bear the load
On the left I bear a most heavy shame
On the right I surely take all the blame

Why did you do this thing so very lame?
Warning us of terror that never came?
Without God’s comfort I am left bereft
A pierced and moaning heart lies on the left

Visceral joys and sharpest of deep pains
I will see him ride clouds in mighty flames
Yet this wicked man will put me to flight
I will not survive what lies on the right

On the quiet plain pleading in deep night
Whispering at starry sky that brings light
Crying and weeping to God who might save
Hear me, oh Lord, your ever wailing slave

My heart melts with disappointment and grief
I have not found any heartfelt relief
Smashed dreams and a crushed spirit all alone
Tonight I get up and trod my way home

The moon is blood, the stars fall in the night!
Here he comes to stand up for what is right!
For when my soul gave way to utmost dread
That’s when he did the very thing he said


Blessings and peace to you all, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father. Come Lord Jesus!


  1. Geeze, your poem really packs a punch David; INTENSITY! Keep on keeping on my brother, i don't know how you do it but i'm sure grateful to have found you and your research site. The poem shows your passion and your blazing desire for Gods prophetic word concerning the closing of the age events. i see you have been busy as of all of the above posts and i am excited about digging in over the next few days God willing. Blessings Always, soon we shall see Him!!! tony in vt.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Tony. It means a lot. I know we all yearn for the day Christ returns. All the facts surrounding the EU causes so much tension and uncertainty it does in fact drive me to tears sometimes. Jesus is our blessed hope. I cannot wait until he returns in glory, and gives us sure signs that it is coming soon!

  2. I looked ahead to expect to see gold at 666 on July 14 2007 And it happened. This week at 3:30 est the Dow was down about 675 points. Thinking that the time is truly ripe for a take down of the USA I wondered if we might see the Dow enddown at 666 Well yes and no the market went down 665.75 which rounds to 666. Many saw the connection but of course few would ponder a connection to Solana. And yet he is now a man of economics as much as diplomacy or military. I 666 connection now adequte to use it as a sign for or stand in for Solana. Totally unsure myself but I do take it to mean there may be a devilish take down attempt underway on the Dow and US economy.

  3. Greetings from Adamantine:
    I wanted to make contact with you and say I appreciate your excellence on this site. The study of prophecy has become quite a puzzle for people who look closely such as you and I do. Solana is the best AC candidate in history to date. He remains so despite advancing age. It has become nearly impossible to publically state this among family or friends because his status as such is so hard to grasp. You know all of the reasons. I am writing again to elucidate my comments about 666 on the Dow Jones Industrial average. I do not like to see 666 too easily anywhere. Despite this (my psyche, my subconscious or maybe it is the Holy Spirit) lead me to ponder strongly that a take down of the US economy is underway. If JS is the AC then his abilities with economics is now to be seen or rather unseen but felt. I do not promote him as an AC candidate in my local world and almost hesitate to do so in raw speculation here. I do not wish anyone ill but if he is not a candidate it would be nice to see him truly retire. He has not and so it is best to still be aware of his activities.
    Thanks for providing a site with the information so well presented.

    1. Adamantine! Great to hear from you! Indeed, I remember that you prayed for wisdom, and gold was 666 dollars flat on Solana's birthday. Truly amazing. One good thing about a theory is not just explanatory power but predictive power as well. The Javier Solana view point has had some instances of predictive power. Namely, the gold you saw at $666, Herb predicting Solana's success against the EU3, and Herb anticipating a 7 year contract in Solana's wake.

      Lots of news articles did say the dow went down "666" points. I tried to pay a little extra attention to Solana, to see if he did or said anything significant that day, but not to my knowledge. Indeed, with the ANtichrist, and his false prophet (his spokesperson) the false prophet controls the economy. If there is a connection, may God reveal it to us quickly.

      I sure hope this becomes more clear with time. It can be painfully stressful waiting, praying to God for a sign, but it seems he throws us a bone here and there, but nothing 100% definitive....yet. As weird as it sounds I have shed tears due to excitement and anticipation, but have since calmed to some degree. There are 666 connections all over the European defense fund. The EU Defense fund has not yet established a leadership structure, which will happen sometime after March 1. At the EU's pace, I'm surprised they get anything done at all, with their death by a thousand committees approach. But despite my cynical frustrating I wait and hope in God, alongside you. I feel the european defense fund will be the means by which Solana may fulfill Daniel 11:38, in which the AC serves the God of fortresses with "gold and silver" and "precious stones and costly gifts." Namely, he would be leader of defense spending.

      I have showed some of these powerpoints to my friends, and they think there is something to them. Though it is stressful and it feels like we got shot down back in July 2010. Will never forget that day. I admire people like you who kept watching, when I abandoned the whole thing in frustration. It would be nice that if he isn't the guy if he would get out of the picture completely in some way. And if so, that he would be saved. But if it does not come through it would feel like God led us down a path only to have us stumble once again.

      As you know, this is a very emotional (and somewhat nostalgic) thing for us all. I long for the days when the ENP was a "sure thing." Maybe those days are in our future again. That peaceful knowledge knowing Jesus could come very soon. I appreciate all of your wisdom that you have provided on the fulfilledprophecy message board, Vic's site, and your encouragements here. It really means a lot.

      Blessings and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

      What are your thoughts?