Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Powerpoint Study: Abomination of Desolation


  1. Hi Eschologizer,

    Baldy here.....

    Great Power Points!

    Just wondering, and I would love to have your comments on something I have considered. What if there only remains 3.5 years left of the 70th week? How would this change your perspective on how things will happen?

    I was viewing slide #12 of your power point - which mentions Daniel 9:27. What if this is a two part or fold prophecy - meaning could it be Christ who confirms the Covenant with Many, and because of His death on the Cross, it meets the requirements for the cessation of sacrifice and grain offering?

    Just curious on how you would view this. Thanks!

  2. good job david!
    interested too as i am thinking a lot the same as mr baldy is saying (and hello by the way!) i think all that is left unfulfilled now is the last half of the last 7--just 3.5 years remaining. when does that start? well i don't know but i think there is a dual fulfillment-one past one future-jerusalem was surrounded by armies before, and will be again. an international "peace"keeping force. to divide up temple mount (rev 11) as an allotment for concession to the big 3 religions that lay claim to it? i think everything is getting pretty ripe and ready for that kickoff and the falling away is doing it's work right now as we speak so who is then revealed right? well we have an idea who right?....will be the man standing where he shouldn't be, himself set up as the idol that makes it desolate, claiming what is not his..on a sacred spot (doesn't have to have a completed temple to accomplish this is my thinking but promises such to the jews perhaps?). with a shortened time (3.5 yrs) - matt 24:15 on, mark 13: 14 on, and luke 21:28 on all fill in the gaps when compared to each other.
    So we know (hallelujah!) Jesus ministered and fulfilled his mission in his 3.5 yrs and His full revelation is coming. sometime before long comes the reveal(ation) of the man of sin, 2 thess 3-4--the anti-christ, who gets his day "under the sun" and fulfills his role as the counterfeit for 3.5 yrs. so 3.5 yrs remains if i am seeing this with any clarity at all....anyway just my thinking and may not have it all down but the Lord will certainly fill in the blanks for us as He promises light for the darkness, and it is getting extremely dark out there.
    will many guns from the worldover will be aimed at israel attempting to eradicate her? because the devil intends to have jerusalem so armies will have to step in--as part of this global plan--headed by the son of perdition. as i see it, his rise is not far out there now at all! stay tuned as they say..and then there will be no more guesswork--we'll know!

    may the wisdom of God and the love of Christ fill us all daily as we watch as Jesus told us to.
    and blessings to my watching brothers in Christ Jesus.
    Lord Jesus we look for Your soon return amen!

    1. Great to hear from you as always Andre! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you all, I I do find it interesting that the man of lawlessness and Jesus both have careers that are of the same length. Furthermore, it is an interesting parallel and symmetry about the two time frames. Furthermore, seeing as how the two witnesses are allowed to strike the earth with any type of plague as often as they want, I wonder if the Day of the Lord is approximately three and a half years as well. That would make about 3.5 years of a "peaceful" ministry and 3.5 of a "wrathful" ministry.

      It is all very interesting, and the details are very hard to harmonize I agree. I personally think the ENP may have some future significance. Daniel 9:25 says that there will be 7 sevens and 62 sevens from the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. I find it interesting that there are four candidate decrees that are close, but only the last one is an exact match. This gives me consolation because of the EU's multiple 7-year contracts that seem like they could be it, but lack a key detail, namely Israel's security.

      Of course it is very easy for me to be mistaken on this. I am so glad for people like you and mathieu and baldy who are watching with me and have great wisdom and insights. May God give you love, joy and peace in your heart as you wait for him!

  3. Mr baldy Nice to see you here! Again a great powerpoint

    Greatings, Mathieu

  4. Hi Andre' (Andrea), Mathieu, and All....... its always good to see Eschologizer post things, and keep us all updated on current events as it relates to Bible Prophecy.

    As far as the ENP - I really do believe that it is yet another "road sign" that we must pay attention to, lest we forget everything that happened in relation with it in accordance to fulfilling Bible Prophecy.

    Scripture mentions that in the last days the wise will understand. In reading Daniel 9:24-27, which most certainly has been very difficult for most to understand, I really feel that it as many layers as it relates to unfolding the truth. We know that at least two individuals are mentioned - Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the coming Antichrist. In my very humble opinion, Daniel 9, when it begins at verse 27 is the most difficult - and very frankly I do not understand it.

    I entertain the possibility that Christ is the one who caused the sacrifice and grain offering to cease - the only problem with that interpretation, is the confirmation for one week (or 7 years as we know it); I still struggle with reconciling it to Scripture. I don't understand this meaning "if" it relates to Christ.

    The other half of Daniel 9:27:

    "and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.”

    When this portion of 9:27 begins to mention - "will come one who makes desolate"' it most certainly appears to be the coming Antichrist - at least to me.

    Now, the question is how does this relate to the ENP? Well again, in my very humble opinion - I believe the ENP has identified who the coming Antichrist will be. I believe so because from it's inception, it has identified many factors that appear to fulfill Scripture. Like the WEU; the Little Horn that came after it was established (Javier Solana); and when it became defunct it gave it's power to the EU. So, there could be a possibility that it may not necessarily have to be a 7 year treaty per se even though it is, but most certainly it may have identified the Antichrist.

    I mention this because from what I have been studying, I have seen only a future 3.5 year time period remaining. This does not negate the fact that the ENP is related to it. The coming Antichrist will be revealed at his "appointed time".

    In closing, what I have posted is only my opinion, and I could be very wrong.

    Thank you Eschologizer for allowing me to post my opinion, and may God bless your ministry, and all who have taken the time to read this website.


    1. Hi Baldy! Great to hear from you! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I love hearing from you!

      It is all very interesting, and the details are very hard to harmonize I agree. The use of pronouns in prophecy can be quite confusing (see also Daniel 11:36-45). Nevertheless, I do find it interesting that the man of lawlessness and Jesus both have careers that are of the same length.

      I personally think the ENP may have some future significance. Daniel 9:25 says that there will be 7 sevens and 62 sevens from the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. I find it interesting that there are four candidate decrees that are close, but only the last one is an exact match. This gives me consolation because of the EU's multiple 7-year contracts that seem like they could be it, but lack a key detail, namely Israel's security.

      Of course time will tell with all of this. Hopefully Solana will be back in the game very soon, perhaps leading the European defense fund to fulfill Daniel 11:38. Prophecy is very hard and I am surely mistaken on many things. But which things, I do not know. What I like about how we are watching is that many times, the Scriptures are illuminated by what we see.

      Great to hear from you as always! Blessings and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

      What are your thoughts?

  5. Hi All,

    Eschologizer, thank you for asking me for my thoughts. You are most certainly correct that Daniel 9:25 mentions that there will be 7 sevens and 62 sevens from the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. It goes on to mention Messiah as well.

    However, Verse 26 mentions this:

    "Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary."

    Verse 26 is a very, very important verse to pay attention to, as the word "AFTER" is mentioned.

    "AFTER" the 7 weeks + 62 weeks or (69) = 70 weeks. This means that Christ was "cut off" in the 70 week. I believe that it is further related to what is mentioned here:

    Verse 27: "And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering"

    The putting an "end to sacrifice and grain offering" appears to have occurred when Christ was Crucified - meaning that He was the Final Sacrifice, and there would no longer be a need to perform those particular rituals.

    Therefore if the Crucifixion of Christ occurred in the middle of the 70th week - then there only remains a final future 3.5 year period of time. This future 3.5 year time period harmonizes with passages of Scripture written in the Book of Revelation - in that it mentions the time period in which Antichrist is given the power and authority to reign: 1,260 Days or 3.5 years.

    So, one may ask how does this information fit with the ENP Theory?

    Well, as I have suggested before, it is my belief that the ENP Theory is multi-layered. It is a "road sign" that should have raised a "red flag" to any student of Bible Prophecy, in that from it's inception fulfilled prophecies that are in Scripture - and I believe has identified the coming Antichrist.

    I no longer look at the fact that it is, and continues to be a 7 year time period; which may be very significant - but at the fact that it has fulfilled prophecy. Again, the ENP may have identified the coming Antichrist. I will also not rule out the fact that it could ALSO be the "Covenant with Many" mentioned in Daniel 9:27.

    So in closing, since I believe that Christ was Crucified in the 70th week, I no longer look for a final 7 year time period that remains - but a future 3.5 year time period in which the coming Antichrist will have the authority to reign.

    As far has what you have mentioned in Daniel 11:36-45 - Yes, I believe that those verses of Scripture point to the future Antichrist. Those prior to verse 26 in Daniel 11 were fulfilled by Antiochus IV Epiphanes.

    May God Bless you ALL!


    1. Blessings to you as well Baldy! I always enjoy hearing from you!

      Are you allowing for the possibility of a "dual" fulfillment with Daniel 9:27? Indeed, in my point of view, Christ did not actually stop the sacrifice and offering, but only stopped the need for it. However, you are absolutely right that Revelation and elsewhere mainly refers to a 3.5 year period. I think people overemphasize the 7-years as some kind of special "Tribulation Period," where in fact it is not, its a seven year time frame triggered by a contract, that just so happens to contain the "birth pains" within it throughout, increasing in intensity as the midpoint approaches.

      God's blessings to you Baldy! We all yearn for Christ to return. I yearn for the days when Solana was in office and it was all so sure. Perhaps the new defense fund will be the time he comes back.

      May the Lord guide us into all clarity, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Blessings to you Baldy!

  6. hey dear friends and fellow watchers! i love all the comments. :)
    actually, i think the ENP 7 (that has to keep going back to the drawing board) gets confused as a technicality with it all, but does play a part as a sideline note. yes, a road sign, and the 3.5 is what is left of the last 7 in my opinion too.
    Jesus fulfilled His Ministry (hallelujah!)and the devil (through his man anti-christ) will fulfill his "one world peace ministry" (so to speak) and that completes the remaining 70th week. in realtime years, 3.5 of the One, and 3.5 of the "other" the instead of...
    i believe another 7 year agreement may be made with israel when anti-christ rises but the anti-christ's time gets shortened. so he can plan 7 but he only gets 3.5! and we all know the Lord will foil all of his plans, amen! a 7 year agreement can be made, men speaking between men, but the 3.5 that the Bible has told us about i believe, is God telling us what it will happen according to His permissive will (to finish the transgression-the times of the gentiles) and then He completes His active will, when Jesus Christ returns to defeat the devil and his minions and israel is finally once and for all home--in the true faith (beholding Jesus Who was pierced) and no longer threatened about their homeland that God gave them by His Covenant. so to me it is that He overrules what men say and intend to do, but cannot win against the Lord ;) . that is the basis of why i watch events but study the Scripture. man makes his plans but God directs his steps amen! proverbs 16:9
    i do not put all my stock in what men say, what they plan.....but what God said....and then does the letter.
    it's goin' by The Book!
    God bless you all :)

    i believe we will all know what is missing in our individual and collective understanding..soon.

    1. God bless you Andre'! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I recently moved and I am preparing to start a new job.

      I am looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. It is always good exchanging different ideas with you. And as you have always wisely advised me, all of this will soon play out...but in a way that leaves us awestruck at God's accuracy. I am excited to watch together with you and everyone else. It is such an exciting adventure to see how it all plays out.

      God willing, the European Defense Fund will be up and running soon. Also, Macron is talking about getting the UK to work with the new "EII" initiative. It's basically an EU intervention force framework outside the EU structures. Perhaps this is the time they give their kingdom to the beast?

      Blessings to you Andre'! May the Lord fill you with peace and love and wisdom!

  7. Adamantine here.
    Thanks for your ongoing study.
    The build up of the EU military might is now easily followed but ignored by so many in the Christian world. I am not yet facilr in the use of your site. Where might I ask the opinion of others about the ? Fulfillment of a Rev. 12 sign in Sept. 2017?

    1. So great to hear from you again Adamantine! Hope you are doing well.

      That is a good question. I am not sure. Do you think I should reinstate the forum? I made one a while back but there was very little interest in it.

      What do you believe happened in Sept 2017? Sounds intriguing...

  8. Hi Eschologizer,

    Baldy here,

    I hope that you don't mind if I chime in on Adamntines comments - but I echo seeing opinions on Revelation 12 and how I may relate to September 2017.

    Also, I believe that with so much evidence before us, we should also begin to look at the evidence from a more practical standpoint as it relates to Scripture. I know that you are looking for a future 7 year time period in which the coming Antichrist is revealed at the mid point, as I once believed. I now look at a future 3.5 year point of time in which he will be revealed when the Archangel Michael stands up.

    1. Great to hear from you Baldy! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

      Well one way or another I really hope and pray we have more answers soon. Based on what the EU is doing, they need to put someone in charge of their new defense fund soon. As many of you have wisely told me in the past, the prophecies become much more clear as they happen, in retrospect (just like Christ's first coming).

      The UK and EU member countries are rushing to build a military partnership with the UK. The UK cannot make any decisions, even though they will be a significant contributor. One can't help but speculate if the arrangement will stipulate that NO ONE partakes in decision-making, and is given to a third party (Solana?)

      All very interesting. May God show us the truth soon.