Where Are We Headed?

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Prophecies In Progress

Click a link below to see the progress being made on each of these prophecies.

Daniel 9:27The Antichrist's 7-Year Covenant 

Daniel 11:38 The Antichrist: King of Defense Spending 

Revelation 13 - Antichrist & False Prophet: A Military & Monetary Pillar

Revelation 17:17 - Giving Military Sovereignty to the Antichrist

Prophecies Completed

To learn more about the prophetic fulfillments below, see the OVERVIEW page.

Ezekiel 38:7-8 - The Rebirth of Israel

Daniel 7:23 - The Rebirth of the Roman Empire

Daniel 2:41-43 - Revived Roman Empire as a "Divided Kingdom"

Daniel 7:24 -  Ten Kings from the revived Roman Empire

Daniel 7:24 - Antichrist Subdues 3/10 Kings

Revelation 17:12-13 - Ten Kings Give Their Authority to Antichrist