Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Daniel 11 War: EU vs. Egypt and Syria

I think a pretty strong case can be made that the EU is the revived Roman empire. (Click here to see my justification for this.)

If this is the case, then the Bible predicts a two-front invasion of the EU by Egypt and Syria (or a Russian-Syrian alliance). (Daniel 11:35-45) 

Daniel 11:40 predicts a two front invasion of the Antichrist by a "king of the south" and a "king of the north." Throughout Daniel 11, the "king of the South" always meant Egypt, so it's safe to assume it refers to Egypt in this case as well. Furthermore, throughout Daniel 11, the king of the north referred to the Seleucid empire. (Click here to see a map.) It was also referred to as the Syrian Kingdom of the Seleucids. However, the Seleucid empire doesn't exist anymore, so it could either simply refer to Syria, or a much larger northern force (i.e. Russia). Or it could simply refer to a Syrian-Russian alliance. (Click here to see more theological justification for this).

(Click to enlarge map)

This is the end time war that is the kick off event for all of the Antichrist's ruthless conquering. The Antichrist doesn't throw the first punch...but he hits back so hard it shakes the world. In short, he appears to be opportunistic.

Syria's Behavior in Recent Weeks

All of this is especially interesting in recent weeks, considering that the EU is deliberating on whether or not to arm the rebels in Syria. The current dictator of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, has very recently stated that Europe will "pay a price" if they arm the rebels, like the U.S. has done. He was referring to suicide attacks when he said this.


Furthermore, Russia has just issued a strong warning against the EU, and US if they arm the rebels in Syria.


It remains to be seen how Egypt will fit into all of this, because Egypt currently supports the rebels. Only time will tell.

A Not-Too-Far-Off Scenario

I think the scenario I am about to describe might not be too far off. Of course, it could be wrong, but I think that it could very easily go this way: 

EU foreign policy happens to be the least unified part of the EU. However, even today, the "big three" (France, Germany, and the U.K.) want to continue making their own foreign policy decisions. Nevertheless, an attack on the EU will trigger the Lisbon treaty's mutual defense obligation (and perhaps NATO as well). This attack will likely force Europe to become more united in their foreign policy.

This will require that a European leader oversee the movement of the military forces in response.  He will likely do this by controlling CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policy) and CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy). Even though the attack would cause significant foreign policy unification, there could be  strong disagreement on what course of action to take. According to Daniel 7, the Antichrist will subdue three kings in his rise to power.

 Perhaps the "EU big three" (as they are called) will dissent to his military strategy, and try to show resistance. Nevertheless, he will overcome them and continue on his massive military conquest, which will ultimately end in an unexpected attack on Israel, and the "abomination of desolation."


  1. Good posts David. I wonder how and if Turkey will play into these end time battles.

  2. Thanks Vic. And that's a good point. It's true that Turkey is now undergoing turmoil and continues to align itself away from the west. It will be interesting to watch as it all plays out.