Saturday, October 17, 2015

Largest EU Parliament Party Wants to Green Light EU Army

Quick update here. Sorry I have not posted in so long.
EXCLUSIVE / Centre-right leaders will greenlight a plan to move towards an EU defence union at the European People's Party congress in Madrid next week, has learned.
In a strategic paper which will be adopted at the Congress, and obtained by, EPP leaders will say that the various crises in Europe’s neighbourhood have taken the bloc to a moment of truth.
“We are going to move towards an EU army much faster than people believe,” said EPP president Joseph Daul to a small group of journalists on Thursday (15 October). The EPP is the largest European-level political party, and currently includes 10 EU and 6 non-EU heads of state and government.

The largest political party in the European Parliament is the EPP group. They want to move forward with a "European Defence Union"
EPP leaders are determined to respond to rising threats by pushing the European Council to support three new steps, laying the ground for a full-fledged EU Security and Defence Union, and ultimately a European army.

Solana lives in Madrid. So I wonder if he will be part of this plan proposal, even though he is not EPP, but socialist.

Also, there are rumors that Merkel will ask Cameron not to block an EU army, in exchange for his treaty renegotiation plans.

Time will tell. Stay tuned!


  1. how timely would that be? thinking luke 21:20 (and matt 24:15) when i read things like this. an international presence in jerusalem is being talked about now so something will take shape soon with all these talking heads getting together is my bet because they totally believe israel as the "occupier".
    i wonder if solana gets updates from these that are discussing all this-or if they are seeking his advice. wouldn't surprise me at all if true.

  2. I came to the site to post these as well . Thanks for posting.

  3. PS
    they did green lights he project !

  4. Solana is certainly still involved. I am less certain he will be the leader of the EU.
    However if he is going to be the military leader common sense would say it would need to be in the next few years.
    In addition for those who suspect the Arab Spring was someones conspiracy if so it should be Solanas in that he three times was already involved with attempting to put the meditteranean together. The ENP (1995), NATO's partners for Peace (1997) and then the Union of the Meditteranean (2008)


      Proof Solana is still very knowledgeable on world events