Tuesday, May 5, 2015

German Defence Minister Apparently Pushes for Solana Plan

This article is related to Solana. To see why I think Solana is possibly the Antichrist, CLICK HERE.

This is just a quick update. But I wanted you all to know.

The German defence minister yet again publicly announced her support of the European army. However, it goes farther. Excerpt from the Daily Mail:

‘The European Army is our long-term goal’ she said ‘but first we have to strengthen the European Defence Union.
 The United States also wants us Europeans as a powerful force within NATO.’
‘To achieve this, some nations with concrete military cooperation must come to the fore - and the Germans and the Dutch are doing this.’ 
‘The Ebola crisis alone, or the attack of ISIS on the Yazidi has shown that Europe must be more flexible and have faster access anywhere in the world in the event of a crisis.
‘Well-rehearsed structures within a European Defence Union could help to shorten coordination processes and speed up the help that is needed.’ 
She added: ‘All over Europe we will need to invest more if our alliances can reliably take responsibility.’ 
She insisted such a project remained a long-term goal and would ‘probably only be something that my children would experience.’

"European Defence Union" is not a massively common term to be using. It's been used before, back in articles from like 1998 (and a handful recently). But that exact phrase isn't thrown about very often.

....but...if you Google "European Defence Union," this leads you straight to several results about Javier Solana's recent call for a "European Defence Union." The front page is full of results from his report. His report calls for a "European Defence Union" (EDU).

It is reasonably clear that Solana's plan is what Ursula von der Leyen is endorsing here, based on the other things she said. Solana's crew themselves say that the European Defence Union is not a European army.* So it makes sense that she would promote the European Defence Union that would lead to an EU army.

This is the second time she has pushed for a pan European armed forces. She also pushed it right after Juncker called for one, a day before Solana presented his plan. So we have hints here that Germany is going to back an integrated armed forces. This is why UKIP supporters on Twitter have been sharing this article today with great concern.

Initially, all of the frowns from the Europeans would make one think that they won't jump on board. But if you look into the tendencies of the relevant countries, it seems almost all of them could be cajoled into getting involved with that, at least some day. The only blatantly resistant one is the UK. ...And they are having elections this week.

To see why I think Solana is possibly the Antichrist, CLICK HERE.

Sorry I have not replied to all of the comments yet I will do that very soon. Please keep them coming! I enjoy hearing what you have to say and I enjoy discussing this with you all as well!

Come Lord Jesus!

*(Though very similar to an EU army, it is technically the "integration" of national armed forces under European command, with associated pooling and sharing of resources, communication, intelligence, etc).


  1. "Steady as she (meaning he) goes" and piece by piece clicking into place. Very timely in the support for Mr. Solana now that America has, by and large, vacated that position of leadership. Move over Mogherini? Or a new position altogether to usurp hers perhaps? We shall see.
    Come Lord Jesus amen.

    1. indeed its all very interesting. I am anxiously waiting for the June European council. I am open to either possibility. He could come to a new position, such as Euro "defence group" president and later become HR again. Or he could start some committee and steadily rise within it, only to become the best candidate for HR in 2019.

      It seems MOgherini and other EU leaders are at least agreeing with Solana. If you read the documents, it sounds like a giant echo chamber, with Solana's statements being the most ambitious. He wants to be a "security provider" in the "neighbourhood" and "upgrade" the ENP "toolbox" to include rapid response CSDP activities. Perhaps those who said the 7 year covenant would be a security treaty weren't so wrong after all.

      I'm not sure Mogherini is a puppet, but she sure is listening to Solana. It is interesting, that Junckers call for a "european army" and Solana's task force came within a day or two of each other. A couple secular bloggers even think it might be coordinated. Juncker and Solana are apparently friends as well. So I wouldn't be surprised if there is some deal in the works to push for him to get some kind of job. There are jobs available that wouldn't require treaty changes (for example, Eurogroup president wasn't official for a long time). Which is exactly what the Task force proposes, a Eurogroup of Defence ministers (Blockmans spells it out in another article). Except the Eurogroup is supposed to have two chairs, not one like the money eurogroup.

      I am anxiously waiting for the June European council. Part of me is afraid nothing will happen, and EU leaders will flop around and reiterate their committment to some air-to-air refueling motion or some similar gesture and call it good.

      But major leaders are often appointed at the EUCO meetings. I.e. Cologne European Council, were Solana was chosen to fill the High Representative post, created by the treaty of amsterdam. However, a second chairperson to the defence ministers Permanent structured cooperation eurogroup probably would not require such a change. As it is the finance eurogroup is criticized for its lack of transparency.

      People (such as yourself) have been watching for decades. I myself have known about ENP theory for about 7.5 years. Even that seems agonizing. I just hope God shows us something big, because we are waiting on him. But alas, I must be careful not to insinuate he owes us something, as much as I would selfishly want to believe that.